Sunday, May 6, 2012

Marsh, Mojito and Artichoke

Today I looked online for Lazy Boy sofas that do not look like big bulky LB recliners.  I don't want the big recliner look that I just got rid of, but I do like to put my feet up when watching TV or working on a quilt.  So I was just browsing to see what new styles they had. 

I kind of like this contemporary sectional:

I think I want a shade of green, so I searched all the green shades they had.  I found these three that I like. The colors are called respectively, Marsh, Mojito and Artichoke.   DH likes #1-- Marsh. It's hard to tell on the computer, but I think I like Mojito (the center one).  I guess we will have to go to our local LB furniture store to see the samples. 

I am in no hurry. When I feel like doing so, I will go look.  I have not even looked at prices yet.  As some of you commented, I may be shocked when I do!


  1. I knew you wouldn't wait too long to go looking. It's expensive but mine is being reupholstered and makes me sick what they charge for that. Good luck on your search.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. I like the first two choices also. I lean toward a darker color as I feel they hide spots, etc. if you happen to have a spill. Sean is always eating in here and I have that issue. The long lounger part is nice. My mom had a sofa with two of those that stick straight out in the front. Her two dogs love them! Good luck!


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