Thursday, May 3, 2012

Horticultural Magazine Hermit

It's been a cold, rainy week.  Right now we are under a severe thunderstorm watch.  I spent only an hour or two outside the whole week.  I stuck my camera out a couple of windows to give you an idea of what 3:30 p.m. looked like today--pretty dark and wet.

We need the rain, so I am not complaining.

I stopped by my local library after work and picked up some gardening magazines.

The tall yellow Ligularia caught my eye on this cover.  You all know how I love the one plant I have. I don't think Ligularia takes kindly to being divided.  I wish it did as I would really like to have more of it and I have never seen it for sale since I bought mine years ago (I actually purchased two, but one died out the first year).
The next best thing to being outside in the garden is reading about other people's gardens. I think we will get pizza for dinner and then I will settle in with a few magazines and see if I can find any good ideas for my own garden.


  1. We had almost 2" of rain here by Cadillac. And lightning--goodness, it was flying all over the place. And in between bouts of rain, I'm out there throwing mulch willy-nilly on the areas that are prone to eroding. You have a MUCH better idea--curl up with a stack of gardening "porn".
    Have a great weekend, Zoey!

  2. LOL, Sue... "gardening porn"!

    So far no lightning here, just a lot of loud thunder...maybe there was lightning, but I did not get up to go and look! :)

  3. Zoey- Your garden looks great even in the rain and gloom. I get such pleasure out of looking through garden magazines, too.

    If you get the chance pop by my blog for my Mother's Day giveaway to see if you have the years there...xo Diana

  4. I feel for you, for sure! We've had a string of rainy days the past few weeks, but luckily our weekends have been fairly dry. It means I spend the weekdays pacing around, clasping my hands...and the weekends frantically trying to get everything done!

  5. Sounds like a relaxing evening, that is, unless you get lots of thunder. I love reading on the couch. It has been wet here, and I'm ready for a little break in the rain so that I can get back out and work in the garden.

  6. I forgot you could check out magazines from the library! Cool. I hope you got some good ideas. Wish you had been with me at the plant farm yesterday. The perennials are a bit high, but they have so many of them. I did but an azalea.

  7. I went out and mowed yesterday even though it had only been 3 days because we are suppose to get rain the next 5 days. Never know here if that will really happen but if it's up there, it's probably headed here today.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. È davvero un giardino meraviglioso! Tengo sempre in vista questo blog perchè hai delle perenni davvero particolari! Complimenti :)


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