Monday, May 14, 2012

A Few Days of Warm Weather & my Front Yard is Aglow

In the front yard the crabapple tree is in full  bloom. This only happens every two years, so we really enjoy the few days it blooms.  Please forgive that I took these pics when the sun was in the wrong position. I think you can still get an idea of the pure pink/purpleness of my front yard today.
 With the purple creeping phlox under planting,  my pink star quilt is a perfect complement, don't you think?

 Here is the full quilt hanging on a crabapple branch. Note the lovely white-flowering tree in the neighbor's yard that obediently bloomed at the exact same time. 
 Try not to look at the black top soil where my dear husband has removed a flower thug of mine that invaded the yard. After digging it all out, he replanted with grass seed....hey, I told him five years ago to get that awful sedum coral out, but he did not listen. So every time he mowed the grass, he was tossing more of the thug and every piece grows.  He had a real mess! My saving grace is that his mother gave it to me, so he can't say much. LOL.  I have posted numerous times about this awful plant...we will be forever trying to rid our yard of it.  Just look under the label "Garden Thugs" if you want to know more.

 I have a pink azalea blooming in my foundation garden.

There is more purple creeping phlox in front of the azaleas.  My quilt looks just as nice with this planting :)
I think this would be a nice spot for a lunch picnic, don't you?

After a nine-hour workday today, I am off for the rest of the week.  Whoo Hoo!!!  This is my working vacation.  I will be tending to my gardens, my deck plantings and doing some heavy-duty house cleaning.   I will probably be posting more this week since I will have more free time.

Tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstorms all day.  That is OK with me.  I just planted 3 blueberry bushes in my rock garden and they need the moisture. 
They already have a few berries:

 I planted three of them back in the rockwall area.
I also have cherry trees back there. So maybe one day I will get a fruit pie from these plantings!


  1. Beautiful blooms on your tree. Way behind mine blooming. Darn would like to see mine blooming again.

    That quilt is gorgeous!

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Zoey- What a beautiful vision you have there between the trees and the quilt. Gorgeous! Glad you got rid of your "thug". Let's hope he doesn't sneak in the back door! xo Diana

  3. Your tree and azaleas are so pretty! I love the flowering trees in spring! Your quilt does look lovely with the blooms. And wow, blueberries too! I'd get some netting when they get bigger before the birds find them. Talking from experience (we had raspberries a few years back).

  4. The crabapple tree is beautiful. I love the rock fence in the back of the last photo.

  5. Stones? In Michigan?? LOL!
    Love the wall. I have the stone house--I'd love to have the wall to match.
    Glad you posted that about the sedum. The lady that lived here prior to us planted LOTS of invasives/thugs. I dug out the last section of border this spring. What a nightmare---lamium, aegopodium (bishops weed), you name it, she planted it. I have NEVER used RoundUp in my life, but I came pretty close with the Bishops Weed--still "finding" bits of it trying to pop up here and there. UGH!
    Enough whining---your blooms are spectacular.

  6. Zoey gorgeous crab tree but even better that fantastic quilt..... How lucky you are to have a rhodo. Enjoy your week off. LOL working! but it is heaven to spend time in the garden.....

  7. Zoey gorgeous crab tree but even better that fantastic quilt..... How lucky you are to have a rhodo. Enjoy your week off. LOL working! but it is heaven to spend time in the garden.....

  8. Gorgeous crabapple tree! Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing~ Love your handy work too....gorgeous quilt!

  9. That tree is amazing! You have the most beautiful gardens....nice quilt. Enjoy your working vacation.

  10. that is a beautiful quilt...


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