Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lilacs and Limes

My lilacs are just beginning to bloom. I went out last week and cut down all that I had on the bushes that I transplanted from my mom's yard.
Yes, this is all the flowers that I got off the two bushes I planted over 15 years ago!  I would say those bushes have not been all that successful. I am just happy that I did get one bouquet to enjoy for a few days.

You can tell I went back to work on Monday.  I now have no time to garden, photograph, or post.  It always amazes me how much I get done at home when I don't have to spend my most productive hours at my real job.  :)

Today the Big Kahuna (boss) and I went to buy plants so I can do the 4 containers at work.  Truth be told, he came along just to write the check and haul the plants in his vehicle...all he did was complain about how long it was taking.  The lady who works for the plant company used to work at our hotel.  She bluntly told him to be quiet and wait....he has a good sense of humor and just laughed when she said that.  We ran into quite a few locals who found it strange that the Big K was out flower shopping!  I think he was embarrassed!

As I expected, I could find no big thriller plants (cannas).  In fact the selection was pathetic for all plants.   I ended up buying a bunch of the same things I used in my containers--coleus, fireworks fountain grass, etc.  I told the Big K that I would bring some of my own cannas.  

So when I got home today I dumped out my very best  pot of Tropicana's and split it into 5 sections -- 4 for work and one for me.  It did hurt a bit to be giving these away. This bag is in my car waiting to be planted at work tomorrow:

 I also took a dozen of my yellow calla lilies that were in the long wood container that I said was rotting out.   

I just hope they produce now that I have separated them.  I don't mind planting them at work--I wanted to tend to less containers at home anyway.  The only problem is that it will be a few weeks before either the cannas or callas shoot up their magnificent foliage.  It's a lot different designing a container for a retail establishment than it is for my own home. At work I like to have the planters looking good when they are planted.  

Oh well, I guess if he does not like it, he can hire a real container designer who will charge him upwards of $100 for each of the four planters! :)  You can't complain when you get it for free!


  1. You're lucky to have those lilacs. Ours got frozen out this year (again). I've only managed to get some one out of the FIVE years I've been here. On a bright note, I still prefer Michigan to any place else!
    You're a good sport dividing up your bulbs for work. I think you should get a raise.
    End of novel.

  2. You know the Lilacs were probably affected by this years early weather warmth and some buds then probably froze. My stuff is all acting a little weird.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. What bonding time you and the big K had! That's something I never want to do with my boss. LOL
    Nice of you to share too.
    I love Lilacs, I will be older and grayer before my blooms.

  4. We have an ancient lilac next to the driveway and it's really too tall and needs deep pruning. Brian picked some blooms for me about a month(!) ago!. I put the photo up on Facebook of the lilacs and an English friend said it was unlucky to have them in your home. I read up on that and they use to put the lilacs in the homes of people who have passed away (I guess that time of year) to mask the smell. Interesting.
    I think your flower pots will be fine at work-they always looks great!

  5. I don't have any lilacs but the people here that do probably only got about that many. We had a couple off nights where it froze just as they were starting to bud.
    Hope your containers for work meet the Big K's expectations.

  6. I think it was kind of an "off" year here for lilacs. I did not have nearly as many blooms as I have had in the past and my one bush NEVER bloomed at all. Weird. Hope you had a good day at work with giving your "babies" away- xo Diana


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