Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poked,Prodded, Squeezed and Forced to Get on a Scale

What an unpleasant week it's been!
It's my once a year physical, mamo, flu shot, blood-sucking week. 
I have not owned a scale for the past 20 years--I detest stepping on one. I only know what I weigh when I have my yearly physical and am forced to do so.  I am a firm believer that one should not allow the scale to rule one's life. 

I was happy to find out that my weight was exactly the same as it was last September...that's not to say that I  don't need to lose some weight; but at least I did not gain.  I expected this to be the case since my clothes fit the same as they did last year.
It's been two days and my left arm is still red and sore from the flu shot.  I always react that way, so I am not concerned.  Though I am still awaiting some lab results, I am happy to have this week behind me. 

Recently DH bought a bag of beautiful colored peppers on sale for $3.99.

 I had no use for them at the time, so I cut them up
 and froze them in individual bags. 
I got five colorful bags that will be wonderful this winter when one common green pepper will probably be selling for $3.99.   I see some colorful sweet & sour chicken in my near future.

My favorite clothing retailer had a sale I could not resist. I bought this jacket. I plan to wear it to a Billy Joel tribute concert Saturday night.

I hope your first autumn weekend is a good one.


  1. Have a nice time at your tribute. Like the jacket.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Cute jacket! I just had my annual check up too! I actually lost weight since last year...have more to go...but I am down some! Flu shots are horrible, aren't they? Hope your lab tests are all okay! xo Diana

  3. Oh shoot thanks for the reminder, I have all that to look forward to on Monday! UGH!

  4. The peppers look delicious and I love the jacket. I hope the lab tests come back ok. Have a great weekend.

  5. good for you...cute jacket...

  6. That is a cool jacket!
    Hey, you ever try your movie maker on your PC? It's fun and pretty easy to do.
    I wish I could see a Billy Joel tribute concert too. He and Bonnie Raitt are a few I haven't seen that I would love to. Have an awesome time. : )
    I found a CD of 70s tunes I'm taking with me to the beach for my get together.

  7. I have my appt coming up next Thursday for the semi-annual poke/prod session. Blech. And I KNOW my weight will be the topic of the day. Sigh.

  8. I do hope your weekend is better than your jacket.

  9. ooohhh la la! Nice jacket. A good time! Sorry about your poking and prodding-

  10. Zoey..poked and prodded..a good thing really. We need our checkups:)
    Love those colored peppers..they will be good eating later on. I always freeze my extras too.
    Enjoy wearing your new pretty jacket!

  11. Hi Zoey, Love the jacket. Do NOT love the doctor appointment. Good for you that you've maintained a stable weight. All mine wants to do is go up, I'm sure. I don't own a scale either because for one thing, it's depressing and for another thing, hey, I'll never be a model, so what's the point. I think this society is much too obsessed with ultra-stick thin models anyway. Doubt they could work in a garden for very long, lol.

    My next appointments are in a week with another new doc. Wish me luck, too.

  12. My doctor's appt. was put off for a month.I said "Great, now I have a month to lose a couple of lbs." How funny we are about our weight. I did the same with peppers....thinking that the prices in winter will be up. Have a nice weekend...Balisha

  13. Zoey, you'll have to let us know about that favorite retailer's new concept. Did you get the catalog that announced the clothes would be different? I wondered if they would be LONGER for TALL women?? I have tried, but the clothes seem so short and wide!
    Have fun at Billy Joel tribute!

  14. Why don't I think of such simple things? I've got pepper plants this year which were pretty productive (ooh, pretty productive pepper plants, =)) but, unaccustomed to such pepper success, I didn't do much of anything with them.

    So, I'll wash them, cut them up, and FREEZE them. Yes, college girl, DENSE as all get out some times.

    THANK you for the simple, SMART idea. =) And they're so PRETTY!


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