Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bloomless Red Heart Althea (hibiscus).

What is the secret to getting this to bloom?

I planted it in Sept. of 2008. Here it is when I bought it:

It has never bloomed since I planted it.

 I googled and found out that this shurb likes a lot of sun.  I recently visited Jean and she has huge bushes in full bloom. She said they are planted in full sun. I decided  I needed to move mine.
So I did last week..
It did not like the move. All of the leaves have turned yellow and will fall off soon.
I decided where I had planted it would not be good should it ever take off and get big, so I moved it again. Last week I showed you some dayliles and Golden Glow that I had moved to this spot. Today I dug them back out and put the hibiscus here.
I will be surprised if it lives through the winter.

We have had frost threats for the past two nights! It's 43 degrees right now. 


  1. I might not look so good right now, but a little TLC and it should be fine. Sometimes lack of blooms indicate a lack of nutrients. If you have some bonemeal, throw in a handful and "stir" it around. Hope it makes it--that ONE bloom was a beaut!
    (and we got frost-last night and the previous night)

  2. Hi Zoey,

    You might be surprised now that you moved the hibiscus. I had a tree that wasn't doing very well so I moved it to another area, which gets approx. the same sun and it loves it there so you never know.

  3. It will probably be fine. I am always surprised how things do after moving. Unfortunately it's waiting until the following year to find out most times.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Zoey, I hope your hibiscus makes it! I planted one last fall and it hasn't bloomed yet. I'm still hoping. They are such beautiful plants.

  5. oh wow 43...we won't see that for a while...we are enjoying the 70's though...

  6. I'm no help, Zoey..I killed my hibiscus a couple years back..left it out a little too long in fall and the frost took it:(
    There is no frost or threat of yet but I know it's coming..

  7. Zoey- I would probably cut it back even more so that it isn't trying to "fix" itself...and water it like crazy. I think you might be surprised at how well it bounces back.xo Diana

  8. This is like Rose of Sharon? It grows almost wild here and not in a ton of sun. I think if it can take root it should be fine. Yes, get the fertilizer stick thingie.
    Frost? Wow!

  9. The couple things I understand about hibiscus are: they like lots of water and they are Japanese Beetle magnets!
    Was he planted in the lawn area before?


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