Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When to Collect Nasturtium Seeds

I keep going out to the deck to see if my nasturtium seeds are ready to collect. I have been checking for at least the past two weeks. I have noticed that when I bump the plant, the seeds fall, but they are still very green. Like this:

Since it's getting pretty late in the season for me, I googled it and found that nasturtium seeds should be collected when green.  So I went out and shook a few plants and took whatever fell off inside.

From what I understand, these green seeds will turn brown in a week or so and be ready to save for next year.  Do any of you have any experience saving these seeds?

I also removed some of the orange Cosmo seeds to save for next year.  These seeds were brown, like I expect seeds that are ready to save, to be.

Last weekend I  bought these three new shrubs: 2 'goldmound' spirea and 1 'Wine & Roses' Weigela.

I plan to plant them together in the rockwall garden as I like the contrast in foliage color.  I buy for foliage color, the blooms (if they happen) will just be a plus.  I have been googling the spirea and I really like what I see. The foliage color  changes from a limey green to red in the fall.  I would like to get about 5 more of these.  Home D. had them on sale for $14.99...great price! They were $24.99.  If you have these, I would love to have a comment telling me how you like them.

I just went out and cut down 4 of the flowers on my new 'Limelight' hydrangea. 

I thought  I would enjoy them more inside as I can only see them in the garden if I look out my bedroom window. The pink color goes very nicely with my living room sofa & love seat. 

Update 6:45p.m.

While I was making dinner, DH went out and bought me 5 more of the 'goldmound'. What a guy!

I know you can only see 4 here. The 5th one is behind the one on the right.


  1. Zoey, I don't have experience saving any seeds. :0)
    But I do love the Limelight hydrangeas

  2. I think you are spot-on with your seed collecting! I love that Hydrangea...such soft, romantic colors :-)

  3. Barb,
    I was not sure if I liked the pink color they turn in the fall, but now that I have discovered they are a perfect match for my living room, I like them much better!

    glad to hear that. Thanks!

  4. Hi Zoey,

    Limelight is lovely at all stages even the tan ones that I let dry on the shrub.


  5. Keeping the wiegela in check requires a pretty hard prune in the spring, and the spirea will bloom on new wood as well. I pulled the Wine and Roses out because it got a lot bigger than advertised!!
    In my experience, I only saved the seeds from cosmos to trade, they reseeded so easily that I didn't need to sow any! You are getting adventurous with your seeds, now!

  6. Eileen,
    I really had to think about cutting them down. I had planned to leave them, but now am glad I have them inside.

    I am only saving seeds that have done well in my containers. I have given up on planting seeds in the ground. Even the nasturtiums did not do well this year in the ground. In pots on the deck, I have a good chance that they will survive.

    The wine & roses got big? Wow. Nothing seems to get big in my garden, but if it does, that is OK as I have nothing planted behind it. It is the backdrop shrub.

  7. Very impressed, Zoey! I should collect seeds but shame on me, don't :(

  8. Zoey you have a good hubby..a very thoughtful one..he's a keeper:)
    I didn't know that about the nasturium seeds..I'm still learning:)

  9. Just be sure to label all those seeds in the containers. I made a mistake like that one year and never knew what I was planting. I thought for sure I would know what was what! LOL
    Love those hydrangeas!

  10. Zoey, I've missed way too many of your posts and had to play catchup. The boat tour looked amazing, I always wondered what it would be like to go out on a glass bottomed boat. You are WAY ahead of me with the cutting down part of the gardening year, and I applaud you. If I don't get it done this fall, I will be very sad. Love your new shrubs, I grow them all and they are tough as nails for me. I only wish I knew how to prune the weigela as mine is getting to be quite the monster, a pretty one for sure, but BIG. I know there's a way to keep it in line, I'm just too lazy to look it up, lol.

    The chili looked delicious, I don't know how you stay so slender with all the wonderful food you cook!

  11. Hi Joey,
    I don't usually collect them either. Probably because I don't grow many annuals.

    He is indeed.

    Been there. Done that. :)

    I will be very happy if it gets big. I have allowed a lot of room for it to grow.

  12. Zoey-you've got a very wonderful husband there--time to make him cookies!

  13. Hey Zoey. You are going to be like me and slowly changing everything to flowering shrubs. I love what they do and am wondering why I didn't think of it sooner. Like your choices. I am trying to decide on a couple Spirea for next year. Debated this year but was able to get a couple yellow Hydrangea for the spots, but am studying this fall for another area which will probably be the Spirea.

    Tell hubby he did real good and sure takes a wonderful photo.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  14. your hubby is a sweet heart....

  15. Sue,
    I made him M&M cookies last weekend. The man LOVES sweets. I swear he can eat a dozen a day and I will be the one who gains a pound. :)

    I am trying to turn one large garden into mostly shrubs. . . little by little...it's a lot of work. I will be sure to tell him you think he takes a good photo. At 62 yrs. old, he LOVES when you ladies give him a compliment like that! (yes, he was a cradle-robber. I am waaaaaaaaayyy younger than he is).

    He sure is.............at least on most days. :)

  16. I'm glad you are saving seeds! It's nice to know you have them when you start planting in the spring.
    The Hydrangea are so delicate and pretty.
    Yay to DH for the new bushes. They should look pretty in years to come.

  17. BTW, only got a few spindly Nasturtiums this year from the same company that you had. Goes to show how they must need a lot of rain in early summer (maybe?) which we didn't get.

  18. This is so for you:


    Also-ran across sewing pattern for slipcovers if you'd like to have it. And a few McD's things for the DH too. Let me know.

  19. I am your 101 follower! Maybe that is a sign! Love your new plants and the seeds are even pretty that you collected. I adore the hydrangeas, they are one of my favorite things in the world. I am so glad I found you. Look forward to seeing more.

  20. I have both the weigela and the goldmound spireas - nice choices for your garden as well!
    Enjoy your blog immensely. :)

  21. Thank you for posting pictures of the Nasturtium seed pods. Mine are growing like crazy and I don't want to miss the chance to save the seeds.

  22. Thank you for posting pictures of the Nasturtium seed pods. Mine are growing like crazy and I don't want to miss the chance to save the seeds.


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