Friday, September 16, 2011

I've Got the Frost, but No Pumpkin!

For the past two mornings, I have pulled out of the garage at 6:30 a.m. and seen this on DH's truck:

Today, I stopped, got out of the car,  and ran back inside to get my camera. I had to use a flash because it was dark outside, but I think you can still see the icy crystals.  All the rooftops were also white.
I thought for sure my tender dahlias, cannas, and sweet potato vines would be toast.  A few were.  But my big garage urns are just 10 feet from the truck and they looked fine when I got home from work and took this picture just one hour ago.  This sweet potato vine looks great! 
 My purple fountain grass is a perennial in slightly warmer climates, so I knew it would not be harmed.  I just took this pic to show you the wonderful plumes it has been shooting out lately.  I really wish this would survive Northeast Michigan winters.  I love this grass!

I did lose a few dahlias.  These Rembrandts on the deck look pretty sad. 
I will cut them down tomorrow.  These are the purple/white ones that I don't like much anyway, so I am happy that they are finished for the year.

These sweet potato vines on the arbor also look bad. 
These planters never did do much, so I am not sad to get rid of them.

Out in the garden, these blue salvia are just coming into their prime time.
Unfortunately it's too late to shine for my garden. I am ready to cut everything down and these are just beginning to look good.

We are predicted to be in the high 60's tomorrow. I am planning to cut down a lot of stuff this weekend. 

I don't want to wait and end up not getting it done, like I did last year. 

I bet a lot of you will also be out cleaning up for fall.


  1. Hi Zoey-sorry you got your stuff "zapped". I have been busy all week cleaning up. I gotta say-I'm glad it all froze. I'm tired of it and the more I chuck into the compost pile, the bigger my smile becomes. The Salvia are some tough buggers and would probably still look good with a foot of snow on them, but I agree-as long as you're cleaning up, might as well do it all!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. My Emerald Isle sweet potato vine bit the dust but everything else looks fine. I am ready for this and need to bring some things into the house. I am really thinking about taking many things out so I do not have too much to do later.

  3. Yep- I have plans to work outside this next weekend..xo Diana

  4. My plants got frost bitten too..I'm glad, this is the time of year I get tired of watering and deadheading and Zoey I don't have anything near the amount you have so I don't know how you keep up with it all.
    Gorgeous potato vines!

  5. Is this a normal time for frost in your area? We usually don't get it until about the middle of October.

  6. Nothing got "zapped" here...but killing frosts are in the wings.Think I'll get a head start on the cleanup too. Have a nice weekend...Balisha

  7. I use to get that purple grass too. I really like it but it doesn't survive here either.
    Ohio Outdoors

  8. Frost already? I have been cutting and yanking plants although it's not frosty here yet. I', preparing for the pansies, violas, mums, cabbages and such.

  9. wow frost....I love your gardens...

  10. Zoey Im so glad to hear all is well... I have missed your blog too and was wondering. Take care and we will look for you in a while. Being a quilter Im sure you will be getting busy with that for the winter months.


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