Monday, September 5, 2011

The Most Unique Canna I Own

This is the canna I purchased as 'Picasso', but it does not appear to be 'Picasso'.  Who knows what is really is, but I love it!
Right now it has three blooms and they are all different.
Those green leaves with the bold dark stripe would be enough for me to fall in love, but just look at these close ups of the blooms:

One is all orange/red
 one is light yellow with orange polka dots.....................but wait.......................
a couple of the bottom petals have a big swath of orange!

I love this canna!  Every bloom that opens is different.

After a big wind storm, I had to cut down most of the big purple liatris from this whiskey barrel.  The few that are left seem to be in more shade and did not turn purple until a week later than the first group.

That actually worked out well. I like it better with just these tall spikes on one side.  It allows the coneflowers (Echinacea) to take center stage.

I have a couple of new dahlias blooming. The colors happen to blend nicely with my birdhouse.

I am really enjoying this combination of the blue speedwell 'Sunny border Blue' and the pink 'First Love'. 
In late July I cut back the pink speedwell and it's on its second bloom.
Yesterday afternoon we had a Labor Day potluck party to attend.   Early in the morning, I made a coconut cake and  these Rocky Road bars

Instead of regular marshmallows, I used these new choc/mint ones from Kraft. These bars were a Pillsbury Baked Off winner in 1972. Personally I found them way too sweet.
 I did enjoy the view over my kitchen sink as I cooked.  I can even see the butterfly from here, though the sun was not out, so there were no butterflies on it.


  1. Love the speedwell-there's something about those "spikes"--so neat!

  2. Love your containers, but that Canna is spectacular and the view from your window is beautiful.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. the canna could remain nameless - its beauty would not be diminished! WOWser.
    And the chocolate goodies - how could you!!!!
    Have a nice Labor-less day.

  4. The speedwell is in containers, as well, Zoey? They are spectacular, wherever they are! Hard to find blue in the garden this time of year!

  5. Wow-how gorgeous is that Canna! Like a watercolor of blooms. I do have a butterfly bush right outside our family room window and now the blooms aren't as nice as yours, I do see some winged pals come around. It is lop-sided too. I love the Speedwell you have too.
    I'm enjoying the Moonflowers the most this year.

  6. I would have so much trouble living in your house, what to do first, look at the beautiful flowers, sew, or bake! But you do it all!
    And you do it beautifully!

  7. A wonderful scene, Zoey..inside and out!

  8. It is so adorable and welcoming. The attractive thing of your blog is birdhouse and sign also the fonts of "home tweet home". That containers also looks gorgeous.


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