Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's See What Survived the Winter

I left this table and chairs out all winter.  By doing so, I was hoping all the layers of paint would peel off to reveal the original red color.
I don't think it worked. You can see all the different colors this set has been, but the remaining white paint is still quite securely stuck on.  I will try to give it a power wash, but that did not work last year, so I am not hopeful.

I don't remember what I stuck under this driftwood. Must be some perennial that goes into my birdhouse planter since it's square.

I was thrilled to see that the Elijah Blue Fescue grass survived. It must start out green and then turn blue?
Here is the color it should be.

This pathetic looking plastic container has overwintered next to the outside basement wall. I can't tell yet if it survived.
I sure hope so because buried beneath this mess is one of my favorite summer perennials -- Ligularia--the rocket.  It's the tall yellow flowers below.

It's such fun to see my old friends again! 


  1. You could rough up areas of your table and chairs by sanding it some. You have many treasures yet to find in the garden.

  2. Hi Darla,
    Since you do not have an email address, I can't respond by email, so I decided to pop in here and hope you come back. I think I will probablly have to sand it off. I really wanted the original finish without repainting because that factory finish is so durable it won't flake off like the other colors I have used.

    When I got the set, I hated the red color. Now I want it back.....go figure!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  3. Zoey, I think that set would look awesome in a shocking BLUE!!
    What is that lily in the foreground with the Rocket? Could it be Black Beauty or Commander in Chief??
    I wish I had a nice little cafe' set like that!

  4. signs of spring...don't you love it...

  5. "I was hoping all the layers of paint would peel off to reveal the original red color."

    If you want it to flake off, you'd probably have to torch or bake it. Doing so would make the paint bubble which, once cooled, would then flake off. You'd probably get the red paint off too though

  6. It's getting to be that time again!! yippee!!
    I just wish it wouldn't rain every weekend here.

  7. Zoey, I kinda' like that white table with the green and red specks on it:) is the season to see what survived and what didn't. And the surprises we forgot about.

  8. Michael, Thanks so much for that tip! It sounds pretty scary, so I will probably not be doing that. LOL. I guess I will just have to use spray paint as I have been doing for the past few years.

    Suzy, it is going to rain this weekend. I am so disappointed!

    Betty, I do,too. Maybe I will just leave it as is for another year.

  9. Zoey, the furniture looks pretty in white but I can see it in red, too. I have to repaint ours also, as our set is looking rather shabby. I'm not sure what the best way to remove the paint is besides sand-blasting which would work beautifully. Then if you're like me, you look at it and say 'I'll deal with it next spring.'


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