Friday, April 15, 2011

Blogger Friends are the Best

What a surprise to find these seeds in my mailbox when I got home from work  today.

They were sent from my long-time blogger friend, Dianne, at Dianne Rambling On.  She has been reading my blog since its inception (7 yrs. ago? I have lost track) and is always there for a well thought out comment.  You can tell by Dianne's comments that she really reads every sentence of a post.  Nothing gets by her...she notices every detail!  I love that about Dianne.

 Dianne must be a treasure to her real-life friends.  People in my real life are not nearly as nice to me as Dianne is, and I have never met her!  She was at Longwood Gardens in PA and she thought of me  and bought these seeds.   Thank you, Dianne. I am so touched by this gift.

I have never had "mounding" nasturtiums.  I am planning to plant these in a container because I can't grow any seeds in the ground.  I will probably have multiple containers.   Tune in later this summer to see if I do justice to this kind gesture from Dianne.  I really hope I don't kill them!!  I am a pretty poor seed grower, but I will try extra hard to turn these seeds into  magnificent container plantings.

Thanks again, Dianne. You are certainly a treasure to this blogger!


  1. Ahh Zoey what a treasure, both Dianne and the flower seeds..I love the names of the nasturiums too, they actually sound quite yummy, just perfect for a salad. Maybe you could add them to your 'wheelbarrow salad planter'. Gorgeous and edible.

  2. Zoey,

    Dianne sent you some really nice seeds. It is so nice to meet some of our best friends blogging.


  3. What a sweetie, lucky you Zoey. I'm sure you'll do just fine with these seeds and I look forward to the photos this summer!

  4. Ah, thanks so much, but it was all my pleasure! You made my day and I've had somewhat of a trying last few hours (involving my mom).
    I love that seed company and wanted you to have the success that I have had with the nasturtiums (which are edible too). I go around in June or July and just poke the seeds an inch down in the soil in bare spots. And they reward you with seeds in the late summer. Can't wait to see awesome flower photos! : )

  5. Blogger friends are amazing, aren't they? Good for you to have found a good one!

  6. Mounding nasturtiums? Now you have me curious. They look so pretty! And you can just poke the seeds in the ground in bare spots? I'm loving these more and more. Looking forward to seeing these beauties bloom in your gardens this summer.


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