Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wheelbarrow Whimsy

You can tell I am getting a bit of spring fever because I've been thinking about my container gardens.

I am not usually a fan of planted wheelbarrows, but I now find myself the owner of a dysfunctional wheelbarrow.

I think I may try to plant it this summer.  Seeking  inspiration, I did an image search for wheelbarrow plantings.  I like these, especially the white one with the celosia planted all around it. I bet it was a sight to behold once that garden filled in!

While searching I discovered what I don't like about most wheelbarrow plantings--the ugly rubber wheel and they are not planted full enough.  I am thinking if I put a spiller plant above the ugly wheel, it will be covered in no time.  I really wish I had one of those metal wheels, like the last photo.  If I remove the rubber, will there be metal spokes under it?  Don't laugh, I know nothing about wheelbarrow construction.

I saw a few wheelbarrows planted with salad fixings--how neat would that be--a wheelbarrow full of dinner salad! Some gourmet lettuce mix, radishes, green onions, etc.  It could be wheeled around to catch the sun.


  1. I like the second one-the rustier the better. I just like a flat tire on a wheelbarrow.

  2. I mean I don't like a flat tire.

  3. Oh Zoey I love the idea of a wheelbarrow filled with salad makings. You could wheel it close to your deck and have it ready for a 'salad picking' when bbq'ing. I like that, I may be on the search for an old wheelbarrow:) Actually I have one with one handle missing..hmm that still might work. I'll try and strip the tire too..haha.

  4. As far as I know, there is metal spokes under the rubber tire. I've always admired it when someone has planted flowers and such in a wheelbarrow, makes quite the centerpiece in a garden:-) Going to try a bathtub as well??? LOL I've even seen someone plant in an old toilet for goodness sakes! I love the idea of planting salad fixings in the wheelbarrow.

    Make sure you come over to my blog, I'm celebrating my 5th Blogiversary with a giveaway:-) xoxo

  5. Dianne, I like the rusty one, too. Just don't like that rubber tire.

    Betty, I think the one without the handle would be perfect! We should both do one and see how they turn out.

    Pea, No! No! on the tub (although I have seen nice water gardens using sunken tubs) and triple NO on the toilet! Can you imagine having a deck dinner party and picking the salad fixings out of the old toilet? LOL.

  6. Zoey, the tire is like a car tire. Not a bike tire...why don't you think about burying the wheelbarrow's tire? With some Helichrysome (Licorice vine) spilling over. Or creeping jenny would cover it for sure!! Or a morning glory?? How fun!!

  7. Hi Zoey, Sissy is right, there won't be any spokes under the rubber, but your idea of putting vines like sweet potato vine or purple hyacinth bean would definitely cover up the wheel in no time flat. (The combination might cover up the entire wheelbarrow, though!) I'm looking forward to seeing your creation...

  8. Hi Zoey,

    I like the idea of the veggie garden wheelbarrow. You could just wheel it up to your door when you wanted to make a salad.

    Those old ones sure look more interesting than the one I had from Home Depot, black plastic.


  9. Sissy,
    Way to burst my bubble! LOL. I also thought of just burying the rubber tire in the dirt...that is if I plant with flowers and use it in the garden for an accent piece.

    Karen, Ditto about the bubble. :) There must be some kind of metal under that rubber...I may just have to cut it off and see what's there.

    The more I think about it, the less I think I will plant veggies. I will probably put in someplace in the garden as an accent. Who knows...I could change my mind again by tomorrow!

    Thank you all for your comments. I do love to have interaction when I post these things. It helps me to figure out just what I want to do.


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