Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stop Following Me Coldwater Creek!

See this screen print of my Yahoo email? 

Look over to the right side and notice the advertisement.  It's from CC, where I order a lot of clothing.  I find these ads on my screen everywhere I go.  Often the exact items I looked at earlier are shown on the side bar.  I already own 2 of the 3 jackets pictured here. This is not accidental. CC uses their cookies to track me and have their ads pop up everywhere I go!   I even get it on blogs that have turned on advertising.

Here is a  blog I was   visiting early yesterday morning. I got to the bottom of the page and --Yikes! -- There they are again!  I own six of the items pictured here.  I probably clicked on the other two, but did not buy them.  You would think they would at the very least not keep showing me the items I have already purchased.

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I went to YouTube to watch some cupcake decorating videos? Well, look who followed me there!

I am getting very, very sick of this Coldwater Creek! If you keep following me around the net, I may have to stop ordering from you.

  I don't like it at all. It feels like a privacy violation to me.  I am never going to click on any of their ads. In fact I never ever click on any ad on any blog, or Internet site that I visit.  I do not appreciate being bombarded by advertising. The only way to get rid of this garbage is not to click on them. Advertisers will not pay if their ads are not successful.

AAAAAA--I just got home from work and clicked on MSN and what do I find?
More ads from CC. I looked at everyone of these items yesterday.

Has anyone else noticed similar ads from places you order online?


  1. You have a stalker! I've had that happen when I looked at a very specific exterior light fixture. I googled it, went to a couple site that sold them. Did this for a couple of days. And then these lights kept appearing in ads everywhere I went. I never did buy them.

  2. Daizy, Yes! You understand! That is exactly what is happening. It's very aggravating!

  3. Yep, they are watching you from 'beyond' your computer! There must be a way to turn that off.
    On Facebook, if you mention just about anything-something similar will show up in your sidebar. I must have mentioned Bo Biden (VPs son) and an ad asking me to vote for him (last year) came up in the sidebar. He's in DE and I'm in PA.
    Thanks for your comment-feeling better-think it was a bug and hormones-not a nice mix!

  4. oh, boy, need to "opt out". Your browser is tracking your moves and selling the info to Coldwater Creek. I am sending you this link, but you need to be sure it's the correct browser you are using...
    If you are using Firefox, it's a different link. Just google the phrase: opt out and insert your browser name!!!

  5. Hi Zoey. Interesting ... must keep my eyes more open. I know I hate wrinkle ads on FB :) Happy Michigan March!

  6. I haven't purchased on line but I've noticed if I google a company, I start getting ad type e-mails about their products.

  7. Hi Zoey...Maybe this will help...
    Click on tools
    Click on Internet Options
    Then delete history, cookies etc.

    I had the same problem with CC and now that I do this each day...I no longer get the ads popping up. Balisha


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