Monday, March 21, 2011

Gray Color Schemes and the Best Salad Ever

I am really getting interested in gray interior wall colors.  We need to paint my sewing/computer room and DH's tiny office within the next few months.  I am thinking that gray walls might be our new color.

For my sewing/computer room, I am thinking of gray and yellow...after doing a quick google search, it seems like gray/yellow is all the rage for 2011... from bedrooms to tablescapes.....who knew?
I like the light silver/gray walls with  light yellow accents.

I already have a bit of gray in that room. My storage chest and my sewing machine desk is already black/gray.

I would just paint the black areas in a nice oil-based light yellow. The more I think about it, the more I am liking this color scheme.

DH has a tiny office next to my sewing room. I am thinking of painting both rooms in light silver/gray, but using orange  accents in his little office.  I found this gray/orange office on the net:
I really like this office space. Of course this one is "designed" with nothing in it,but complementary items. DH's office space is much more full...books, etc. that are not in the color scheme colors so his would look very different.

I will think more about colors later.

Right now it's time for dinner.  Sunday I went grocery shopping with DH and I bought a mango. I was not sure how good they were, so I just bought one.

I made a big spinach, mango,strawberry, grape &mandarin orange, red onion & pecan salad with poppy seed dressing.
OMG -- it was delish! I am going to make another one tonight.  If I am able to choose my last meal, this would be it.


  1. You are such a good cook! Zoey, I sure don't see you as a gray person but with the yellow it will work. My painter (first time we ever had a painter) just told me the dark colors are going out) but there are those softer grays.

    I am sure whatever you choose will look great especially with all of your ideas for decor.

  2. I'm loving those colors together..yellow and gray.
    And I'm really loving that salad..of course I would leave out the onion:)

  3. your salad is mouthwateringly beautiful. I also admire the grey, but I think that you have to use caution with tone - you can do it!!!

  4. Eileen, I never thought I was a gray person either, but I am suddenly drawn to the color! Maybe it will pass...

    Betty, The red onion with the fruit is what makes the salad POP! I try to get a bit of red onion with every forkful. LOL.

    Jody, I know what you mean. For instance, I don't like that bright yellow on those cupboards.

  5. I do like the yellow and gray a lot! Our bedroom is a blue/gray...almost lavender. It's been that color going on 11 years. I'm thinking of a pale aqua next, but I put the paintbrush down after I got heel spurs when we did the family room. I do have a gold accent wall in the family room that you asked me about before. I was going to do another wall gold, but never did.
    Your salad does look yummy. I would like a little lobster tossed in please.

  6. Dianne, lobster would really put it over the top!

  7. Zoey, you are forever opening my eyes to new color combinations and all sorts of new things. I never would have thought of those colors together, but you're right, they do look so nice together. The salad looks divine, too!

  8. Well, I wish you look with the grey, Zoey. I fell in love with the grey, too, but once I started bringing home the chips, they all looked blue or purple to me. I finally found one called sweatshirt, that looked truly grey, but who wants a bathroom called sweatshirt!!??
    I love a piece of mango dipped in salt! Try it!
    PS-the first photo, with the red table? I thought that was your garden...that's how awesome you are!!


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