Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Big Stack of Garden Books Came in Today

I spent about 45 minutes briefly going through them all when I got home from work.
I have to say I was not all that impressed with any of them.  I will spend more time going through the PASmith book, but I doubt if I will  look further into the others. 

I was quite excited to get the G*ar*den J*unk book, but I found nothing new that I would want to do.  My favorite was this:
Cute, cute, cute! But I have already done this, so it was nothing new to me.
Most of the other containers just looked like JUNK to me....who would plant anything outside in cardboard containers?

After the first rain, they would be ruined.

Yogurt containers?
I think it just looks like you planted in a container that you pulled from the garbage.

Am I being harsh?

I love to plant in junk I have found at garage sales.  But I really like the junk to look like "junque".  In other words, I want it to look nice.  Here is a photo from a few years ago on my deck where I have planted junk (junque?) containers:

Personally, I think these containers look good. . . perhaps I am delirious....maybe to others my"junque" containers look like c*rap (pardon the expression), like I feel the majority of the containers in that book looked.

I have a pretty thick skin, so feel free to tell me the truth.

Hope you are all having a great Thursday evening! 


  1. Well girl I like your junque and I like the toys but yogurt containers or cardboard. Give me a break. I think it looks just like you said, somthing from the trash. Too bad in all of those books you didn't find inspiration. Hope you are having a good day.

  2. I'm with you! If you're going to use a yogurt container, the fun part of it would be decoupaging it or otherwise being crafty to disguise the fact that it was a yogurt container. And cardboard - yeah, that's going to last about five minutes. I love "junque"!

  3. Sorry the books weren't that great. I can surely recommend some I have in a big sack here and on the shelf.
    I agree, what the heck with the cardboard and yogurt containers? I think one of the neatest containers I used was an old coffee percalator and teapots.

  4. I mean stack not sack-lol. Tired-trying to change my poor sleeping habits.
    I am giving away a Jerry Baker book as soon as I get a photo of it. It has lots of hints in it.

  5. Have to agree that it needs to be interesting vintage or similar "junque" adding whimsy and interest to the garden as your vignettes do. I love a bit of surprise in the garden but not plain old junk.


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