Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Joy of a Sharp Knife

Growing up I never knew the joy of a sharp knife. I don't think my sweet mother ever thought about the sharpness of her knives.  She was content to saw back and forth for any  necessary cuts she made. We never had any quality knives and I don't remember ever seeing anyone sharpen a knife while I was growing up.

So how I ever became obsessed with having "good" knives, I don't know. I guess it came from watching so many FoodTV shows.

  A few years ago I finally bit the bullet and invested a good chunk of half a week's salary to buy  a set of (5) Wusthof knives.

The first time I felt that full-tanged knife slide through a red ripe tomato, I was hooked! That knife slid so easily through that tomato---trust me, it was a sight to behold.

"What is full-tanged?", you ask. I had never heard  that term either until I began investigating "good" knives. See that metal at the top of these knives?
Full-tanged means that the metal from the knife blade runs all the way through to the handle. It's one solid piece.  Therefore, it is nearly impossible to break a full-tanged knife.  To say a knife has a full tang is a good thing indeed.

I tell you all of this only because after getting these expensive knives, I had to find a way to keep them sharp.  I searched for years and could not find a craftsman in my little town who sharpened knives.  There used to be a shop in town,  but the man retired years ago. 

So I bought an electric knife sharpener and I used my honing tool and did the best I could to keep my knives sharp.  I watched YouTube videos to see how it was done and,I guess, I did a satisfactory job. 
Then last week my work friend (our Chief Engineer) picked up a business card hanging on the bulletin board at the local hardware store and gave it to me.  It was for the man who retired years ago -- he had set up a sharpening shop in his home!

I can't even tell you how thrilled I was--it's the best thing that has happened to me so far in 2011.  Really...I know...I lead a dull life.........that's OK as long as my knives are not dull! :)

I called him immediately and put my beloved Wusthof's in the plastic bag you saw above and had DH drop them off at his home.  The man had them all sharpened within an hour.  I can't even begin to describe the thrill as I peeled my first potato for last weekend's dinner with that sharp paring knife!

Yesterday I gathered up (and wrapped in a towel) more items that needed sharpening .........more knives....that cleaver in the back is very old and very dull  (I  bought it at a garage sale).  Now that it is sharp, I can't wait to use it.

If you glance toward the back, you will see my Felco pruners. Now I am all set to get outside and begin the massive cut down of all the dead flower foliage that I did not cut down last fall--see all that brown stuff sticking up through the snow?  
It all must be cut down this spring.

I also had my  lopper sharpened...the tool I use to cut small branches (I did not get a pic of the lopper).

At the moment, I think I have had everything sharpened that I need sharpened.

Ah, the joy of sharp tools!


  1. It doesn't take much to excite us these days, does it?! LOL There is nothing worse than a dull knife and although I don't have anyone around here who sharpens knives and such, I have a sharpening stone that I use. Doesn't get them sharp like I'm sure yours are now but sharp enough:-) I've got the scars to prove it on my fingers! lol

    Been snowing here since yesterday and supposed to turn to rain by tomorrow morning then freeze again. The streets are already a mess and will only get worse. Where's that Mother Nature, I need to have a talk with her:-) xoxo

  2. In have the same knives and they do need a professional sharpening. My mother never had a good knife, think she bought them at the dime store.

    Now, I need to find a person who sharpens knives. There used to be a man several years ago that rolled a knife cart up and down the streets, I mean in my lifetime not one hundred years ago.


  3. I hear you, nothing worse than a dull knife, and I have THE dullest ones around. Finding someone who knows how to put a good edge on a knife is a great thing. My Felcos are in need of assistance too, and before you know it, that snow will be gone. (I do something rather naughty, though, with my ornamental grasses, it's called a cigarette lighter...yup, I burn them down--but not the ones close to the house, lol!)

  4. Ahh Zoey just what I need ..someone to sharpen my knives. In the meantime I shall 'saw my way through' with my dull-like knives..sigh

  5. Thanks for the full-tanged lesson! I haven't had my knives sharpened for a while and I cheat and use steak knives sometimes. Just be careful with all that sharpness around. I know there is nothing better than sharp garden tools. Enjoy!

  6. Good post and reminder! Happy Daylight Savings :)


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