Friday, December 3, 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I was humming that song as I walked through my garden when I got home from work yesterday.

The orb has never looked better than it does with crown of white.
We forgot to bring this table & chair set in. We had better do that soon!

Remember the greens I cut down last week so I could get them before they were snow laden?
I guess I should have used them last week! I will just bring them into the garage to thaw out and use them later this weekend.  Right now I am getting ready to take a little trip north.

Twice this morning I have checked  the bridge conditions, and other than a high wind warning, the road looks pretty good. I like having these live webcams to get road/bridge conditions! How did we ever travel before the Internet? I just wish they had more of them.

If you want to go anyplace in the upper peninsula, you first need to get over this 5-mile long bridge.

 It's a little scary when it's icy with high winds.  A few years back a car went right over the side railings on a dark windy night. It was never proven weather it was intentional or the winds actually blew the little car over.

Assuming we make it safely across, we still have about 80 miles to go, and that is where the bad weather is. Last night they got about 8 inches of snow and the forecast is for another 5 or so today.

 We are banking on the road commission having the interstate plowed by the time we get up there. That is why we are waiting so long to leave. They seem to be pretty slow getting I-75 cleared. Last year we made it over the bridge and had to turn around and come home because there was over a foot of slushy snow/ice still on the highway. 

We  threw a snow shovel in the trunk just in case.


  1. Hope the roads are clear for you Zoey - have a great trip.

  2. Take it slow and easy. I hope that your trip is uneventful. Balisha

  3. The snow looks so pretty blanketing your garden Zoey. I love looking at it but not when it is at my home. LOL! We are to get some more tomorrow. Your Ho-Ho banner is so cute in your header picture.Did you make it?
    Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

  4. The orb is beautiful covered with snow! I hope you have a nice getaway with bare roads. Jean

  5. Oh your snow looks so pretty. the first one always does. But darn don't we get tired of it by end of winter. We had flurries last week, but we were out of state and didn't get to see them.


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