Friday, December 17, 2010

How Many Times am I going to See Elf Marshmallows on a stick?

Well, at least 18.

As that is the number of memes that this person had attached her post to. Yes, 18! (they are not really elf marshmallows on a stick--I just used that as an example so that the real abuser is not known)

This is my rant of people using the same post for numerous memes.

I really enjoy finding a meme that interests me--Christmas decorating, tablescaping, gardening, quilting, etc.  Some of the meme hosts have hundreds of participants and it can be such fun to just click on each one and find posts that you are interested in. You can spend a good hour or more just checking them all out.

But during the past year, I have been seeing the same posts attached to dozens of memes. 

The first time I saw marshmallow elves on a stick, I thought, "Wow! What a great idea!"

Second time - "Oh, yeah, these are so cute." I looked over all the details in case I wanted to do it, too.

Third time - "Oh, there's those elf marshmallows on a stick AGAIN."

Fourth time - "It can't be the same post again!  She must google "memes" and attach to everyone she can find.  I am pretty sick of seeing these elf marshmallows on a stick."


sixth - eighteenth time - I clicked the big X as rapidly as I could  and tried to withhold a scream which would wake  my husband from a sound sleep. . . remember I surf at 5:00 a.m.

Please people-- I love to find memes of interest and visit all the sites, but the least you can do is post something NEW to each meme! NOBODY wants to see elf marshmallows on a stick 18 times!

18 is not even the worst I have found. Seriously, I found one person who linked the same post to 28 different memes!

Recently I have noticed a number of blog owners  leaving a perfunctory comment on a site---"oh, that is sooooo cute...."  and then saying, "Please attach this post to my Wacky Christmas,  Thanksgiving, Wild Wednesday, Terrific Tuesday, Footsie Friday,  etc. meme".  This is ridiculous! The blog owners really have little interest in the post they are commenting on, they are just  out soliciting links! Is this junior high or what? I guess the more people who post to your meme, the more popular you think you are.

Other meme owners list all the rules and then never bother to delete those who do not abide.  Like when they insist that you use their  permalink (a very, very good rule).  One of the memes I used to visit had well over a 100 linkers and I have found that more than 75% of those just link to the main page of the host blog, which is very frustrating when you want to find the other linkers two months after. If the blog owner was doing his/her job properly they would delete all of those who do not follow this rule, so that I (AND YOU) will never experience the frustration of clicking and finding the current post rather than the meme post.  Most of these meme-abuse owners really don't care if you follow the rules, they just want as many links back to their site as they can get.

This post came about because I just found a Christmas meme and the first 5 of 7 posts I clicked on were posts I had already seen -- numerous times.  I just closed out of that blog and came here to rant.

So if you made it this far, thank you for listening.


  1. Zoey, I am not sure I know what you mean by this. See, I am always learning something new. Every once in awhile I see a blog appear a couple of days later as a new post and when I click on it, the post is from days before. I just assumed that this was a mistake in posting. Is this what you are talking about?


  2. Zoey, I have been reading your blog for several months and enjoying you comments very much. This last post I had to look up what you were talking about and I have not surfed enough to run into the problem. I am not even sure you will get this comment for I may be doing it all wrong.

  3. I think I know what you mean too. I don't blog surf like I use to. I do the Photo Hunt and use to do a few more memes...all had permalinks.
    Now you are on google for Elf Marshmallows!

  4. Hi Eileen,

    Nope, that is not what I am talking about. It seems not too many people in my little blog circle know what I am speaking of--I must surf the net way too much! LOL.

    There are many blogs hosting such events--say there's a Trim the Tree Thursday photo meme - just making that up, but there probably is one. When we visit the person who hosted the event, we can click on everybody's blog post showing their Christmas tree. It a fun thing to do. But what irks me is that people make a post about their lovely tree and then they go and find tons of people hosting any kind of Christmas meme and they attach the exact same post about their tree to every single meme. It gets pretty boring seeing the same tree at dozens of different blogs.

    The Second part is that the person is supposed to link to the exact post where everyone shows their tree...not just to the main page..

    For example if I hosted a Thanksgiving Decorating meme and you wanted to show off your decorating, you would link to the post where I hosted the event. Six months later someone googled and found the post on your blog and at the bottom you said something like, Thanks to Zoey for hosting this fun event. If you want to see more Thanksgiving decorating just click here. . . and you linked "here" to you would go to my current page -- not the page where all the links were. The perma link would be something like Decorating. You get to the permalink by clicking on the meme post and copying the url that appears.

    Still clear as mud or does that help to explain?

    Diane, you did it correctly because I got it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Dianne, LOL. I bet they will be looking a very different post than this one!

  5. Dianne,

    I just googled it....LOL...#1 to boot! Too funny!

  6. I know exactly what you mean!! I am new to blogging and that is one of the things that I do not want to do. I have been signing up to a lot of Linky parties, but only 1 per post. I want to see fresh ideas when I go to the parties so I want to be part of the fresh ideas too. If someone missed something of mine then they can see it on the sidebar!

  7. Zoey,
    I am with ya.The meme thing has played itself out!! (I think it was you and I that did "Wordless Wednesdays" years ago??? Or the bloom Day, perhaps it wasn't you??)
    Another rant you'll have to do--the paid blogger. That's one I'm sure you've seen, the "Ranching Lady", and other cooking and crafting blogs that slowly began "give aways" and you finally realize that they are constantly "giving away" items, until finally, it's called sponsorship. I rarely read other blogs anymore because they are fronts for Sonoma Williams or Kitchen Aid or POM or any one of a million consumer goods!!!


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