Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Basil Bit the Dust

I was so sad to see it go, but I knew it would not survive long once I brought it inside.  It never does.

As it left my kitchen another food enhancer entered.

Thanks to my MIL's green thrumb, I now have individually separated cloves of pungent garlic...lots of them. They should last a few months if kept in a cool dry place.

I wanted to take a moment to welcome KS, who is also from Michigan. She said she has been reading for a year and made her first comment yesterday. A BIG MI welcome and thanks for taking the comment plunge! I hope you will continue to comment whenever you have something to say.

In my last post I was complaing because it was taking CC so long to send my order. Well, I found out they did mail it out last week; they  just sent the email notice to the wrong account. They can't seem to keep my email correct. It is supposed to be here tomorrow, which is perfect since I am leaving for a little birthday getaway immediatley after work.  That is I was planning to getaway until I read the weather forecast: LAKE EFFECT SNOW IS EXPECTED TO BECOME HEAVY AT TIMES THIS EVENING AND CONTINUE THROUGH LATE THURSDAY NIGHT. ACCUMULATIONS IN EXCESS OF 10 INCHES ARE POSSIBLE FROM TONIGHT THROUGH DAYBREAK FRIDAY.

It's not looking too good for a Thursday escape.

Someone asked what day my birthday was.  It is Sunday.

How old? Well, here is the answer: the year I was born is the age I will be.

Betty R -- it's not hard to figure out at all. There is only one possible age I could be that would be the same year I was born.  I know you can figure it out! LOL.


  1. Saw on the weather channel that Michigan is going to get lots of snow.

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Zoey...age is only a #....hope your plans don't fall through...

  3. A little hard to figure out your age:) But no matter age is just a number.
    Hope you can manage to get away..sometimes those weather forecasts aren't right.

  4. Happy early birthday! I can't use that answer yet for my birthday, though I know a few who have. ; )
    Sorry about the basil-very picky inside. I didn't grow garlic this year, but got some last from last fall and still have it. I kept mine in bulb form and tied it up.
    At least you can still have fun decorating if you get snowed out. Sorry about that.

  5. Sorry about the typo-my brain isn't working right after sitting in the dark for almost 4 hours. We lost power from 8:45 am to 12:30.

  6. Happy birthday, Zoey.Have a wonderful time...whatever you do...Balisha ((BIRTHDAY HUGS))

  7. Oh Zoey - probably a lot younger than myself! But whose counting - just be sure to have a great time. The poor bedraggled basil makes me sad too. Now tell me why you separate your garlic cloves -

  8. Looks like I haven't been around for awhile! Too much decorating. We're supposed to have snow tomorrow also. I hape you still have a super birthday! Jean

  9. We don't have any snow here in the northeast yet, Zoey...sure looks blustery there. Always enjoy your blog posts.


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