Thursday, March 12, 2009

What a Lovely set of Orbs

Don't you think?

Yesterday we had an hour to kill before our appointment to have our taxes done. I convinced my dear husband to take me to Joanne's. He does not really like to take me there. ? I can't imagine why not.

He probably felt like he owed me considering all the loving care, snow shoveling, and roof ice removal that I have had to do for the past month.

He would be correct.

So he took me there with no hassle. He sat in the car while I went in to shop.

I came across a shelf with a big 70% off sign. The squeal of my cart tires could be heard at the opposite end of the store.

I have been admiring these red and aqua orbs for some time, but at $10 each, I decided to admire them from afar.

My mind did a quick calculation--70% off of $10 is 3 bucks. YES! Into my cart they went.I spent another five seconds wondering if I should also grab the 4 gold-colored orbs they had and the cute oriental rust female bust that is actually a flower vase. I mean, really, how cool is that?

Well, I am sure you won't be surprised that I bought them all. One never knows when a gold orb will be just what is needed. Until then I have placed them on my these shelves.
I can't wait to do an oriental tablescape so I can use the bust with one big canna in it.
Just adding this little $2 orb to this vase display really lightens up the display, don't you think?

I am so thrilled with my bargain purchases!


  1. Don't you just love a 70% off sale!!! love the orbs, never knew that was what they were called, learned something new today

  2. Lovely additions! Cracks me husband would have rolled the car with his eyeballs! :) But I'm excited to see what wonderful things you end up using these for.

  3. Oh Zoey I chuckled at the squealing tires of your cart..
    70% off sounds good to me!


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