Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's a Cold, Wet Day Today

It's been raining all day. . . sort of a slushy rain, since the temp is just above freezing. I have been inside all day, so it makes no difference to me.

I did venture out to the deck to get a picture of the two dozen turkeys that come by every day to pull up whatever they can from my garden. They are almost as bad as deer in garden destruction. A lot of my neighbors feed them , so they are around all the time. I try to ignore them. Whenever I look outside they are pulling up something from my gardens. It's the price I pay for living among wild life.

I did decorate the dining room today. I also pulled the cherry cake I made last month from the freezer and frosted it.
I thought it went nicely with the Easter table. I am not going into all of my Easter efforts here, , if you are interested, it's on my blog, Tablescaping, in the right column.

I also made this scalloped potato and ham dish for dinner.
I was concerned because my russet potatoes all sprouted and were tossed in the garbage, so I had only redskins to use. But it turned out quite good. Both DH and I loved it. I didn't think redskins would work for scalloped potatoes. I didn't have a recipe. I just threw sliced potatoes, onions, celery and ham together with a white sauce and baked it for a little over an hour. Then I topped it with a bit of cheddar cheese.

One of the nice things about having a blog is that you can toss up your opinions whenever you get the urge (compared to waiting until someone asks you).

I just had the urge.

I am watching a cake decorating show on FOODTV. It creeps me out when I have to watch people playing with food that others are going to eat. I understand that it must be done to decorate cakes, but for goodness sakes, must they have unkempt nails? They just did a close up of this woman's hands pinching and rolling the fondant and she has red nail polish that is 75% worn off. I can't help wondering if she has rolled it off into the fondant.

These women must know that the world will be getting a macro shot of their chewed up nasty nails. Wouldn't you think they would get a manicure or at the very least take some polish remover to their month old color?

Where's the Health Department? Aren't they supposed to wear food gloves when handling food?

I mean, really.......I'm just saying.............after watching that I could never eat that cake.


  1. fingernail polish fondant! The potato and ham dish looks terrific! AND just to let you know, I actually made that cherry cake recipe you shared last time- and my hubby and I loved it! I don't usually like cherry flavored things (especially maraschino) but this was DELICIOUS! AND very pretty! I like how you decorated yours here for the table. I did add a little to your recipe though...I used a bunt pan actually- and I added white vanilla chocolate chips (they rested at the bottom so the upside-down bunt cake had this crusty yummy top to it. Then I melted a little white vanilla chocolate to put over the top of it too. It was delicious!

  2. Eeewww, that is kinda nasty about those nails! Speaking of which, I want my nails done. Do you think it odd for a man to want his nails, both finger and toe, to look pretty? And I believe in two types of pretty - masculine and feminine. ;~)

  3. I think they should be wearing gloves too.
    We mainly eat red potatoes-love them mostly oven fried in olive oil. Your dinner, cake and table looked scrumptious!

  4. Those turkeys look somewhat like the vultures we get around here. The other day I was out walking the cat, and they were circling overhead-creepy!

  5. That's one thing I've never had in my yard, wild turkeys, even though I live near the woods. I guess no one feeds them so they don't hang around!

    We're having that slushy rain today and the wind is really strong and cold...I just came back from running some errands and omigosh it's miserable out there! At least it will help melt some of the snow we still have unless this rain turns to snow!! lol

    Your scalloped potato and ham dish looks so yummy! That's what I'll be making for Easter this year, scalloped potatoes and ham.

    Oh yes, on those cooking shows, they should definitely be wearing food gloves! It's so funny you should mention this because just the other day I was channel surfing and came across this chef slicing up beef and the close up of his hands turned my stomach because he actually had dirty nails!! It turned me right off so I changed channels pretty darn fast! lol xoxo

  6. That's why I like to cook and bake my own food -I then know exactly what went in to the ingredients and that I had thoroughly washed my hands before handling it. As you can probably tell, I'm not a fan of pot luck dinners!


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