Saturday, March 28, 2009

Deceiving Little Tulip Patch

Look, the tulips are breaking through the ground. Doesn't it look like spring?

Well, take a look just a few inches behind this little patch of bare earth.

Yes, there is still plenty of snow here and it's supposed to snow more tonight.

Even so I dug out my Easter decorations today. I can't wait much longer for spring weather to get in the mood. I set the stuff on the dining room table as I unpacked a few boxes.

That's as far as I got. I guess I just am not yet in the mood to decorate. Hopefully I will be tomorrow.


  1. I did my decorating yesterday.I guess I would feel the same if there was still snow here!

  2. I'm glad to see you at least got your decorations out! No wonder your not in the mood with all that snow still around. Jean

  3. Still a ton of snow outside here, but it is slowly melting. Now, if we just don't get any more, I might start getting into the mood to go outside and clean up the herb garden!

  4. Hi Zoey,
    More snow??? Goodness, it's about time for that to be over isn't it??
    I need to get busy and get my Easter decor done.
    Although I didn't comment there, I loved your Easter tablescape. Looks so springy and festive and those candleholders are just adorable :)

  5. Last night I could hear the storm, and it sounded like rain and lots of wind...but I woke up to snow...and more coming down. Again. Ugh.


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