Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's Start with Lumpy Brown Sugar

During my recent baking spree, I opened a new bag of brown sugar only to find it full of hard lumps. Don't you hate that?

Wait! Don't throw it away! I have a little trick that may help someone out there who thinks you have to toss out the lumpy sugar.

Put some water in a cup and the sugar in a bowl or jar. Put them both in the microwave at 15-second intervals. After each 15-seconds, give it a good stir and try to squash the hard lumps. Keep doing it until the lumps are gone. It took mine about a minute and a half.

The water will throw off steam, providing moisture to soften the sugar. With just a little crushing of the spoon against the lumps, you should be able to use the sugar.

There. My little brown sugar man is smiling again. Hopefully he does his job and keeps this sugar lump free now that it's in a covered jar.

Remember my oriental lady vase that I bought a few weeks ago for 70% off? I finally used it Monday night to hold some tulips DH bought me.

Isn't it just the most unique flower holder? I love it. If you want to see the whole table I did, just click on my tablescaping blog in the right side bar. (I'm too lazy right now to hyperlink it)

After work yesterday I had my nails done. I decided to match them to that pink/orange/white jacket I showed you a few weeks ago.

I think that's a pretty good match. I will have to wear it sometime during the next two weeks.


  1. Zoey,

    Love the nails, thanks for the hint, my grandmother use to keep a slice of bread in her brown sugar to keep away the lumps

  2. I put a slice of bread in my brown sugar too. Works like a charm. It even softens up brown sugar that kids *ahem* leave open overnight. :)

  3. Simply lovely- you crack me up.

  4. Well there you I don't have to grunt and groan trying to break up hard pieces of brown sugar anymore! lol Thanks so much for the tip, Zoey, I had no idea it could be that easy!!

    You have such gorgeous nails and I love the way you get them done to match your outfits at times...just beautiful!! xoxo

  5. Thanks for the brown sugar tip. I hate the lumps too - now I know how to get rid of them. It's an alternative to hitting them with a joke I have tried it...sigh. Love the nails too.

  6. Hi everybody,
    Thanks for the comments. I am wondering about the bread that some of you use. I have heard that tip, but I was afraid that the bread would mold. How long can you keep a piece of bread in the sugar?

  7. Just keep the bread in overnight. It dries out as the sugar absorbs its moisture so it really isn't any good after about 12 hours anyway.

  8. Great hit about the brown sugar. I used the hammer on some lately. I know there's a few tricks-like with bread and an apple, but I like yours better.
    Your vase does look pretty as do your nails!

  9. that's hint not hit! : )

  10. Every time I mention wanting my nails done like that (not your exact design), I get funny looks! I think yours are gorgeous. Why can't a man have his done without being ridiculed?

  11. Love your nails Zoey..great color!
    I've put a slice of bread in the brown sugar as it didn't mold. But I have to say the brown sugar I buy rarely has hard lumps.
    I love tulips..any special reason hubby bought them?? B'day, anniv or just because??

  12. I bought a bag of brown sugar at Sam's and today while trying to measure some, discovered hard lumps. On the bag though was a tip......
    microwave some of it in a microwavable dish in 30 second worked....I could press all the lumps out.....amazing!!!
    Appreciate your info also..........Thanks


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