Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The larger a man's roof, the more snow it collects

I thought of this proverb today and for the first time ever, I was thankful that I have a small home.

What do you think this is? Go ahead, take your best guess.

Well, let me tell you.

Ailing Husband has had too much time to sit and think. He has concocted this device to aid Dutiful Wife in her new position as Mistress of Ice Removal.

When I pulled into the garage after a busy 9-hr. workday, Ailing Husband met me in the garage with his invention. Before I could even bring my bags inside, he led me to the back of the house, had me climb a 6-foot snowbank and handed me that hammer head duct taped to the end of a 10-foot pole. Yes, 10-ft., that's no typo.

Oh, for gawd sakes, the man expects me to swing this thing and whack at the ice on the roof! The first three tries, I missed the whole roof. That thing is much heavier than it looks.

On the fourth try I get it to the land on the roof. A short time later, I have figured out that if I set it on the roof and swing it side to side instead of over my head, I can actually hit the target of the ice build up in the valley.

I grudgingly took whack after whack at about a 4-inch block of ice. "This is ridiculous," I complained. Ailing Anal-Retentive Husband assured me it was necessary because it was going to be 40 degrees tomorrow and the melting snow needed to be able to fall from the roof. I told him the least he could do was go into the house and get the camera so that I could document the fact that I am standing on top of a huge snowbank, still dressed in my work clothes under my long black jacket, heaving a heavy 10-ft. pole at a chunk of ice.

After some resistance, guilt must have prodded him to go inside and get the camera. While he was gone, my first chunk of ice fell to the ground. "Yeeesssss!" I screamed out loud. That felt so good! My arms were aching, but my minor success propelled me to keep whacking.

It wasn't long before all the ice was on the ground.

The valley is now pretty clear of ice chunks.

I am now taking my aching biceps inside for a much deserved glass of wine.


  1. You have really had alot of adventures lately, thanks for sharing them with us

  2. That totally cracked me up! I wanted to laugh my head off but I felt ridiculous explaining the hilarity to my husband, who doesn't share the same sense of humor on the issue. He just nodded. LOL- but that's awesome that you succeeded! See, now you've got another positive from looking after a sick husband- now you know how strong you are and what you can do with those macho arms! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Zoey, I am grinning..what a welcome home! It was a success even though the muscles are aching. Hope 'ailing husband' had supper ready for you!

  4. Thank God hubby took pictures to document this story. Too funny!

  5. I needed a good laugh! You on that snow bank with that big hammer/poke sure helped! How about worrying about you falling off of that snow for gawd;s sake? Whew! Good for you though.

  6. You poor girl! I would not have done it. I would have laughed at hubby and went inside. :) LOL

    When spring comes tell your hubby they sell "heated" wires you run across that part of your room to stop the ice from building up like that in the first place.

    Our roof is so steep that we don't have this problem thankfully. It just sucks when you want someone to get on the roof to reshingle it.

  7. Deb, Isn't that the truth!

    Dani, I think men just figure we should be able to do everything they do. They don't really get that asking your wife (dressed in her nicer clothing) to swing a pole with a duct-taped hammer head is a tad unusual!

    Betty, I cooked, but he did the dishes. I was happy with that!

    OBQ, he did it reluctantly. He does not understand how important it is for us to have blogging fodder!

    Dianne, I was thinking about falling the whole time I was swinging! It was in that very area that he fell from the ladder. Hence the reason there is no ladder to climb up (he bent it). That is whay I must swing a 10ft. pole at the ice.

    JOdi, I did tell him that the next time the roof is done, we MUST put something like that up there! I don't intend to be swinging poles when I am in my 60's!!


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