Friday, March 13, 2009

From the Jewelry Vault

Well, O.K. it's not a vault. It's just an old tin on the closet shelf that has been collecting my costume necklaces since 1978 when I started acquiring jewelry to match my romper sets. Well, O.K., perhaps I was just a tad older than that.

I go for months, perhaps over a year, without even looking inside.

As you know I've been on an old jewelry binge for the past few weeks. Last night I pulled the old tin down and began looking for a long necklace. I was looking for something green, but when I came across a long gold fish necklace, I decided that was just the item I needed.

What do you think?

Here is a close up of all the gold scales.
Don't you just love it? :) Well, maybe many of you don't. I can see where it may be an acquired taste.

I am amazed at how my taste is changing.

This big bold bracelet is an antique that was given to me by a now deceased lady who said it belonged to her mother. I was so honored that she wanted me to have it. She was a large lady and I was pretty tiny at the time. She said the bracelet was meant for a small wrist.

I tried to wear it once, but I felt self conscious because it was so big. I thought it was a beautiful piece and I kept it just because she gave it to me.

Yesterday I put on a blue blazer with a chunky blue necklace. I was trying to find a bracelet, but everything I had was too tiny. Then I remembered this bracelet. I was not sure it would still fit my wrist, but it did and I wore it. This time I felt good wearing it. A few people even commented on how they liked it.

I wish I knew more about it. Does anyone know anything about it? How old it might be, what the blue material is, etc.

Here are a couple of pics:




  1. You have a nice collection, I love the last bracelet, the blue is beautiful

  2. I don't know what it is, but it is VERY lovely. And the goldfish necklace is very neat- I can see how it could be an acquired taste as well, but I think anything made into something so unique is worth wearing and enjoying. Just lovely jewelry, Zoey!

  3. Zoey,
    I love the blue bracelet. Among the jewelry I inherited from my Grandma was a bracelet quite similar to this set with a goldish color stone.
    It is from the late 30's or early 40's.
    There was also a matching ring.

  4. What fun you must have had going through that tin! I just love the fish pendant, as well as that bracelet, both pieces are gorgeous. I never use to go for large pieces but as I get older I find I like them more...I guess our tastes DO change, even in jewelery:-) xoxo

  5. They say everything old is new again! Yes!
    I remember the fish necklaces of the 60s and 70s. I had one with goldtone scales.
    I would say the bracelet is suppose to resemble lapis-it's awesome! Makes me want to check out jewelry more at flea markets.
    I use to have more jewelry and was robbed in the early 90s-they even dumped the drawers with my costume jewelry into the pillow case. I had maybe too much of the 1980s big plastic jewelry pieces. I love long necklaces that accent my outfit the best.

  6. Oo, that blue ensemble is fantastic!


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