Saturday, March 26, 2005

Selfish Quilter?

Yesterday Miya asked me if I always make large quilts. The answer is yes and the reason why has me wondering if I am different than most other quilters. I make them king-size because that is the size bed I have and I make quilts only for myself. In most of the blogs I read the quilters are making them to give as gifts to everyone from family members to co-workers. So I am trying to evaluate why I never give them away. I have determined that I don't really know anyone who truly appreciates quilts. No one in my family quilts and neither of my sisters seem to have any great desire to own a quilt. Even a relatively "easy" quilt takes many, many hours to make. Take the log cabin I am working on now--I started hand quilting it in November and will have over 100 hours into JUST the quilting. I have no idea how many hours I spent machine-piecing those 1.5" logs--I just know I have dedicated a significant portion of the time I have left on this earth to that quilt! It is certainly no blue ribbon award winning piece of art--it is just a simple quilt. Still, if I were giving it as a gift it certainly would have to be to someone VERY near and dear to me. Call me selfish, but if a person does not know a log cabin from an Ohio star, then my conclusion is that a Martha Stewart Kmart Quilt would have the same meaning to them. Am I the only person who feels this way?


  1. I can't comment directly since I haven't ever made a large enough quilt and everything I make is still too beginner to give away, but I would like to eventually be good enough to give it away. We have a few quilts from my boyfriend's mom that are special because she made them just for him. The colors and patterns are things he'd like and he knows it was made with love. Besides, at this point in her life, there's no way she could use all the quilts she ever made by herself. On the otherhand, I have a hard time giving away things that I spent so much time and energy on making, especially if I'm not sure that the person would appreciate or use them.

  2. Thanks, Dallas. I think you have it right on--if we know the person would appreciate the time and effort, then I think we (quilters) would love to gift them. I am also getting to the point of having too many quilts, so I think I NEED to find someone to make a quilt for!

  3. I think that giving quilts away can be hard--if you give them to the wrong person. I learned that the hard way last summer when I gave my sister-in-law and her new husband a quilt, entirely hand pieced and quilted. I would never mention this publicly on my blog, but given the chance again, I would not have given them the quilt that I spent over a year making, since they didn't appreciate it or thank me for it. But at the same time, I've given a quilt to my Granny, who very much appreciated it and loved it, as well as I'm making one for our good friends getting married this year, who already appreciate all of the time and work that have gone into it. I think giving quilts is a wonderful thing to do, but now I only give them to people who appreciate the work, energy and money that go into making a quilt.

  4. Sarah, I can fully understand how you must have felt. Not even a "thank you"?

  5. Hi Zoey,
    I'm very glad to see my name on your blog page.
    And I agree with you, I myself only give quilts(mine is still small bag or table mat)
    friends enjoy making some craft.
    I wouldn't give even if I made
    a large quilt in the future except for very special occasion.

    By the way ,Lemon cream cheese pie
    you posted today looks too yummy!
    In japan, Lemon meringue is still
    popular not cream cheese, it is really tempting!

  6. Sorry above comment posted by Miya.
    I forgot.


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