Monday, March 21, 2005

I quilted 8 blocks on the log cabin this weekend...only 5 more to go! As you can see I am heavily quilting this one --not more than an inch anyplace without quilting. I spent a very relaxing Saturday watching taped episodes of Simply Quilts and Rebecca's Garden while I quilted. So relaxing, in fact, that when my eyes got heavy, I took the quilt out of the hoop, layed on the sofa, wrapped it around me and took a little nap.


  1. Dear Zoey
    I just happened to find your Blog,
    I am Japanese quilter, your work
    encourages me to do my quilt every
    I 'm lookig forward to seeing completion of your log cabin!
    Thank you.


  2. Thanks, Brit.

    Miya, so glad you found my blog. Hope you come to visit again soon.


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