Friday, March 25, 2005

Scrap Buster is finished! That is, the piecing is done. I just finished putting the prairie points on. Now I need to sandwich her all together, roll her up and let her await her place in the quilting line up. You don't see the pinwheels here because they are behind the pillows (just in case your wondering if I removed them). I am off to cook dinner now and then I plan to settle into a nice relaxing evening of blog hopping.


  1. Dear Zoey

    Hi! I'm Miya again, What a lovely color! This is really
    beautiful. And so fast.
    I wish I were as fast as you are. Do you always make such a
    large quilt at the same time?

    By the way It's good to know some
    words I didn't know like 'need to sandwich ' because my English is
    still not good, and eager to learn.

    So sometimes you may confuse by my
    English making a lot of mistakes.

    Thank you for your lovely photo.

  2. Thank you, Miya. I have no problem understanding your English. Yes, I always make quilts that fit a king bed. I guess I am just a selfish quilter as I only make them for myself and I have a big bed. I do seem to be making them pretty fast -- that is because I am inspired lately. Maybe because I have this blog now and need to have something to blog about! So nice to have you visit -- do drop by again.

  3. By the way, Miya, "sandwich" is just a term that means to put the backing, the batting, and the quilt top together. The quilt batting is between the two outer pieces--like a sandwich.

  4. zoey you are awesome! I really like the praire corners, I never actually new what they were before, isn't hat weird that I hadn't seen them prior to this post?

    I love that you make big quilts too..I wonder about people who only make wallhangings...I think that wall hangings have their place, there are people who love them...but I'm a bedsize quitler for sure.

    Thanks for all the inspirations.

  5. Thanks, Brit. I feel honored to have shown an accomplished quilter like you something new! I am not too enthused over wall hangings either. Although I have seen a few that were framed and did look beautiful on the wall. I have made 3 that I framed, but I still have not put them on the wall. I can't really call them quilts as there is no batting and no quilting--just a small pieced top.


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