Saturday, August 15, 2020

Whiskey Barrel Containers are Getting Humungous!


Everything is now blooming.  This one is at least 3 feet wide and over 5 feet tall.

This is my current favorite container on the deck:
The red canna bloom is almost the same color as my favorite new dahlia around the bottom.  The petite dahlia is called Pulp Fiction.  It only gets 10 to 12 inches tall.  I love the fiery red flowers with the dark foliage. The huge green leaves are calla lilies. They are yellow and have already finished their bloom.  I love that the green leaves last for weeks after the flower fades.

Here's a close up of Pulp Fiction (I got it from Breck's):

I changed the bicycle centerpiece to something very neat and tidy:
Stems of Sedum Autumn Joy still in their green stage and balls of golden marigolds.  I added a little sprigs of the blooms from my Japanese Bottlebrush shrub. This should look good for at least a week before the marigolds dry up.  The sedum will probably be fine for much longer.

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  1. Holy Cow! Looks like your green thumb outdid itself this year. Those look amazing. Hard to believe summer is 2/3 over for us here in the midwest. Diana


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