Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Few Early Summer Blooms in the Main Gardens

Oat Grass (I love this grass--wish I could find a few more of them).  Peony bushes and Royal  Purple
Smoke tree (which is 15 years old).

I painted those bowling balls over five years ago.  I leave them in that exact spot all year long.  It's amazing how well they hold up through our Michigan winters.  I was going to freshen them up a bit this spring, but never quite got to doing it.

Allium Christophhi and Gold Mound Spirea. The Allium keep getting shorter each year.  I am just glad that they come back because most of my allium disappears after a year or two. In this spot, I like them short like this.

Summer Skies everblooming hardy geranium (the name is incorrect because it never reblooms!)

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