Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Do You Order Online?

I just got an email that this little table has shipped

and should arrive on my doorstep Friday. I do LOVE the convenience of online ordering! I rarely go in a real store anymore.


The table matches this bench I bought last spring.

I keep the bench by the garage door and store shoes in the baskets & drawers.

 I plan to store magazines in the new one.

I have invited 14 people for Thanksgiving dinner. It will be the first time I have had J's entire family for Thanksgiving.  I am looking forward to it.  This weekend I want to finish the pilgrim man/woman set I started last winter.  This is as far I am on with the woman. ..

I need to add a border around her. I have not even started on the man.  I am hoping that having all these people over, will motivate me to get it done!


  1. Love the pilgrim lady! How pretty.

    Shopping online is the only way to go. I love being able to read reviews on an item. Just last week, Hubby and I saw 2 items we thought would be neat for the grandson, until we got home and read the reviews on Amazon. Junk. Glad we found out BEFORE buying.
    Very very pretty table--I'm sure you'll get lots of good use out of it.

  2. Do I order online??? I can count on one hand the number of times I've been to the mall in Rockford in the last 10 yrs. I much prefer ordering online....I can browse to my heart's content and not get tired, or worry about the weather etc. I've sent a few things back, but not that much. I can search around for the best deal without leaving my for free shipping and promo codes. Last year Joe and I did all our shopping for Christmas online. We sat here in the convenience of our home on two computers....searching for just the right gifts. It was fun...he with a cup of coffee and me with hot chocolate.

  3. Oh heck yes I order online! And you know that only encourages the sites to send you more and more catalogs! My mailman hates me this time of year. Love your storage chest and bench, and a big yes to the pilgrims. So charming!


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