Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Table

I just finished my 2014 Halloween table.  I posted it on one of my other blogs. You can see more of it clicking here.


  1. I always forget you have another blog! Great job on the decorations and what a lot of work on the chair covers. I think you have Halloween covered!

  2. Do I even know you have another blog? lol Going over to check it out! xo Diana

  3. Really cute decor, love the colors!!!

  4. I am a Halloween fan Zoey and love seeing decorations ... this is really cute !
    I usually leave my garden uncut ( for the most part) but this year I am trying to clean up more just in case I don't have that extra energy I would need to hit the ground running for Spring.
    And wow! on those colours you have from your plants ... it is all so pretty .. I wouldn't cut it down either the way it looks !
    Joy : )

  5. Love the Halloween decor, you always have a festive touch. And in your previous post, I get the same questions about the calla lilies and cannas until they hear the digging part, lol.


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