Sunday, June 29, 2014

Who Can Believe it's the End of June?

Where does the time go?

Work has been hectic and I have had no time for anything else this month. So I am just going to post a few pics so that I remember what the garden looked like in June of 2014.

I moved this Heuchera 'Tiramisu' last fall and it seems to like its new home:

This is the front border looking to the perennial gardens with Ninebark 'Diablo' in bloom:

The Alberta Spruce is looking great with most of the brown areas caused by our record-breaking cold winter  replaced by new beautiful green foliage.

This year I moved my potted Ligularia 'Rocket' to this area in front of an old rusted wagon wheel.

The 'Rocket' seems to have liked our cold winter. Its leaves are bigger than ever and I am expecting some great  tall yellow blooms in a few weeks!
Below is one of the new perennial geraniums I bought from Breck's this year:
 It's Birch Geranium.   Here is the picture from the ad from which I purchased it:
Yeah....looks very different, don't you think? 
I am just thrilled that it bloomed, even though it's tiny.  I am hoping that in a few years it will be as large as this old pass-a-long specimen I have in another garden (it may be 'Rozanne'):
 I am very happy that this Smokebush (bottom red-foliaged shrub) survived the winter of 2013/2014.
I just wish it would grow taller!  I have had it for about 5 years and I think it should be a lot taller than it is.

I do like the shrub with these peonies that I planted three years ago:
Here they are fully open:

So beautiful! 

I am fairly happy with how the garden is progressing this year, despite my lack of attention.  I think that I have "J" to thank for that.  I looked out the window quite early one recent morning and there he was...
hard at work removing grass from an area full of Black-eyed Susans.  He is learning to distinguish a weed from a flower....this weekend he edged one of the larger gardens...he still pretends that he has no interest in the gardens...............I think maybe, just maybe, he has been bitten by the perennial garden bug!


  1. The garden is spectacular, Zoey! And I think you're right---looks like another "victim" fallen to gardening. Isn't that wonderful!

  2. I can't comprehend how fast this whole month has gone and what have I gotten done. It must be because it was so cold for so long.
    Your gardens are beautiful!!!!!!
    Happy 4th!

  3. Everything in your garden looks so lush! Your geraniums are much father along than mine and I agree that certain plants seemed to have liked the cold winter and are growing larger than ever. I just said today I can't believe where June has gone, not looking forward to a repeat cold winter.


  4. Your gardens are absolutely stunning, Zoey! I love the contours you've designed and in fact, everything looks just perfect! Beautiful!

  5. Hello there !
    This is my first visit and I am loving how secluded your garden is and how pretty it is too !
    I have smoke bush two different kinds and your purple one should be a lot taller by now, you are right. I am wondering if it is getting enough sun ? .. maybe forcing it a little with some fertilizer? .. I train mine into small trees. This past winter had been very hard on them though .. I thought I lost half of my purple tree but we didn't prune what we thought was dead .. and it came back and leafed out ! phew !
    I am also in zone 5b ... but being in the suburbs I only have an occasional rabbit to contend with ;-) and I am also a perennial addict with a few shrubs,roses,vines thrown in for good measure.
    Yes .. mail order can be disappointing with some companies .. especially ones like Breck .. but with time that geranium might be gorgeous after all !
    Very pretty gardens !

  6. I always enjoy your gardens, they are beautiful!

    Looks like you've got a keeper there with "J" weeding!


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