Sunday, March 30, 2014

In a Spring Mood, Even though it's still Winter Outside

I removed my winter sofa covers from the living room furniture and let the spring/summer flowers bloom!
I hung my denim wreath on the hutch door and put three green purses of pink calla lilies on the coffee table.

I found these purse vases at Big Lots a few weeks ago.

They were marked down to $3 each.  They really need more flowers, but I did not have enough callas.  I think they will be so cute filled with my garden flowers this summer--can't wait to try them with 3 big fat peonies in each vase.

While the inside is looking quite springy, the outside still looks like this:
It will be a long time before I have real flowers to fill those vases!


  1. Love your sofa covers. Need to get me some and those purses are so cute.

  2. Well, It is looking like Spring inside, Zoey. We have the same snow here yet. Do you think it will EVER go away? xo Diana

  3. I love your purse vases, your right peonies or lilacs will look great in there. Even hydrangeas!

    Snow up to the mailbox! We never had it that deep all winter.

    Have a great week!

  4. Yes you still have a lot of snow. We had snow again Sat but just a dusting. Hoping this really was the end of it this season.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. The last of our snow is leaving the backyard, but no digging is going on as everything is still frozen.



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