Monday, October 15, 2012

Cold, Wet, Rainy Weekend

The weather this weekend was not a bit nice. Luckily I checked the forecast and knew the rain was coming, so we went out at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday in just above 30 degree temps to put all the deck containers away for the winter.  We worked for just under three hours and had everything cut down and stored for the winter. 

We felt good about that.

Remember the two whiskey barrels with the big Tropicannas? 


O.K. here is a reminder:

this is the same container today:
We removed everything, tossed out the annuals and have the tender corms & rhizomes in the garage to dry out.  Normally I would have used the hose to remove all the soil, but it was too cold, so I just shook off what I could. In a few days all the soil will shake off.

I think it's amazing that those huge striped Tropicanna leaves emerge from these rather small rhizomes that are drying out in my garage.

It has rained so much this weekend that we had flood warnings.  It is still raining now.

The rain has been good for the burning  bush that we moved last weekend.  I snapped this photo from my bedroom window:

  I stood at my living room window to take this pic of the front yard:
The sedum autumn joy is turning its deepest color now.   I may cut it all down next weekend.

This weather is perfect for staying inside and  cooking.

Last week my mother-in-law gave us these colorful peppers from her garden:
 I needed to do something with them before they rot.  So I stuck them under the broiler to blacken the skin.

Once blackened I covered them with foil and let them sit for about an hour.  Then I removed the skin and turned them into this roasted pepper garlic tomato sauce
that I used in place of purchased spaghetti sauce to make a beef spinach lasagna for tonight's dinner.

I hope everyone had better weather for their weekend, than I did!


  1. Lots of rain for some. We got a little but between all that is going on I hope it makes a difference for next year. Looks like you got a lot done on your cleanup.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Sorry, Zoey--I think I "wished" this weather upon us. I was so sick of sunshine out west on our travels-I wished and wished and WISHED for some crappy weather when we got home so I could do my fall deep clean and cook and bake up a storm. And I got my wish. But after 5 days of this, it can quit now. I have to get out to the garden and pull all the frozen stuff. Busy busy.
    Have a wonderful week!

  3. We got rain Saturday night then had a beautiful Sunday

  4. Hi Zoey, Wish I was done putting my garden to bed, but the perennials haven't died back yet. Also, the ground is really wet after a 4" rain (which we're grateful for since we have been in extreme drought this year). We're expecting a few warm, dry days this week so I'm going to enjoy being outside as much as possible. Plenty of time for baking, reading, doing the inside activities is coming up.

  5. We had a ton of rain on Friday and Sunday. It had been so long since it had rained that my kids dressed up in rain boots, grabbed their umbrellas and we took a walk. It was so cute. But it is going to dry out later this week so I think I will get out then and cut back some of my plants! We fortunately haven't had very cold temps yet but it is finally feeling like fall.

  6. Roasted pepper sauce..sounds devine! Rain here today, it was badly needed. It was so dry.
    That is a lot of garden work. Still think you will plant as much next year?? Your garden is always so pretty, although I realize it is a lot of work to keep it that way.

  7. I think your rain is coming this way!
    Seems like you are also settled in to do some quilting.
    I think have not done much putting away. Things keep getting in the way. Now we are going to have great weather next week, so it can wait. I found more clothes to sort. I am always sorting something. So nice to get out for a few hours to see the sights.

  8. I said it before and i will say it again...your front yard is stunning! You are lucky to have such a large space to work with!

  9. Hope all is well! I'd love to see some quilting shots.


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