Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn Mojo--the Cold-Weather Spark has Ignited

I am really getting into the early fall weather we have been having. It has been in the 40's at night, which is perfect weather for sleeping under one of my quilts. Since I have no clothesline, I hung the quilt over a few chairs on the deck before putting it on my bed.  I like a fresh air smell the first time I pull one of these fall-weather warmers up to my chin. This blue Jacob's Ladder quilt is the perfect weight for late summer/early autumn snuggling.

In a few weeks, I will replace it with something warmer.

I have more energy in early fall, and last night I cooked a from-scratch meal--almost unheard of on a working weeknight in my kitchen.
I made a crustless chicken pot pie (chicken stew) in a white sauce. It was delish and I can't wait to eat it again tonight.  A buttery biscuit underneath would be perfect, but DH wanted rice, so I made rice instead. I have no recipe as I just threw things together.  I know, I hate when people don't give me a recipe! Sorry.

For the past month, I have been adding to my cold-weather working wardrobe.  This is my latest purchase--a red  wool flocked jacket.
I think I already own the black lace tee underneath--or something very similar.
One of this week's goals is to bring up a bin or two of my winter jackets and haul my lightweight summer jackets to the basement.
I have a few new bloomers to show you.  My Sedum Autumn Joy flanking the driveway is now at my favorite stage--this light  pink color.
I moved some difficult-to-place colchium bulbs to this front yard garden and they are now blooming through the ajuga and under the Sedum Autumn Joy:
 I think I have finally found a spot where I can appreciate their dainty blooms.  I can look outside my living room window and see this garden. 
I also like these 'Fireworks' grass seed heads in my garage urns..
Last, but certainly not least, I still have Patti's rain lilies blooming in September!
Patti, is that normal?


  1. LOVE your new coat. Your sedum looks gorgeous- I just transplanted my own and hope it makes it.

    I think the most surprising thing about your post is that you don't have a clothesline!;>) xo Diana

  2. You live in Michigan and you don't have a clothesline??????????
    I think there is some rule about that!

    Love the jacket and the sedums and I know nothing about that lily except that it's "purty"!

  3. Love that jacket. You have my system of storing clothes. I hate having to haul them up anymore...may just dress in the basement :) :)

  4. Yes Ma'am that is normal. Mine are still blooming too. Just be sure to bring them in before frost, which doesn't sound too far off in your land. No need to water this winter, just wait until early spring.
    I hate to think we won't get to see your beautiful blooms much longer.

  5. Hi Zoey,
    Love the quilt and your Autumn Joy Sedum is gorgeous! My fountain grass is looking gorgeous right now also. Thinking it enjoys the cooler temps.

  6. Hello Zoey, I'm with you on the cooler/coldish nights. Just perfection for sleeping. We have a bedroom window open a tad all winter long; I adore the fresh air. I love the quilt! And the jacket. You always have the prettiest clothes.

    Some of my Autumn Joys have flopped this year, I think in part, due to the drought. Yours look fantastic and I love the colcichum.

  7. Lovely Zoey. I like all the Sedum as it makes a wonderful bed there in front.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. What a gorgeous quilt, Zoey..one of my faves is to air out the blankets in the cool frosty air..perfect for a good nights sleep!
    Chicken pot pies look so good..less calories without the crust although I do favor a crust:)
    Beautiful jacket..will work perfect for you.
    Oh I love the pink stage of the autumn joy..it's so pretty.

  9. That is a lovely jacket-it sure will make a statement with the red and design.
    I will have to change out clothes sooner or later too. I am pretty sure I have a job (he wants copies of documents) to stock magazines at a few local stores. I don't really have to dress up, but I want to have long pants on.
    My sedum looks so pretty. Isn't that a mauve color to you? Carole/Pea calls more a purple, mauve. I thought mauve was a 1980s color with that mint green.
    I do believe a see a darker reddish nasturtium about to bloom! It may be the one you sent-will keep you posted.

  10. Your dinner looked yummy-definitely biscuits next time.
    And of course I see Autumn Joy and think of you!

  11. I love my clothesline...cute..cute..cute...you always find the cutest clothes...

  12. I love your front yard shots! Wow! You have inspired me to lose the grass and add more plantings to my front yard garden! I too get a spark of energy in the fall! Nothing better than a great dish on a cool night...your pot pie looks awesome!

  13. Beautiful quilt! Did you make it?
    I love when the weather is in the 40's to 50's at night. We sleep with the windows open.
    I'd say that's a late bloomer, but what a beauty!
    'love & hugs from afar'


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