Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Walk Through the Garden Paths in 2011

It's nearly 60 degrees today so when I  came home from work I took a walk through all my garden paths.  OMG, I have way too much work to do!

I am going to follow with a bunch of pictures with no commentary. They will serve to remind me of how far I have come when I look back in July.   I feel pretty certain that almost all of you will be very happy that you do not need to clean up this spring mess!

 After I walked through all these gardens, I was happy that over the weekend we had put the glider on the deck. I just sat here and contemplated all the work I had to do. 
In the old days, I never called it work.  Now that I do, I think it is time to reduce my garden space!

Oh, darn! I was setting this up to post tomorrow morning,but I put the wrong date. So now I have two posts for today.

Please check out the other gardens at Fishtail Cottage Flora Thursday.


  1. Zoey, I see we both have the rabbits and I am glad that you have this big property and not I!

    I still can't believe all there is to do in the spring.


  2. Zoey...I hear you. My gardening around my house was a bit too much last year. I have had to cut down. I would imagine with all that you have to do with working and can look overwhelming. Your gardens are always so lush and beautiful...I have always wondered how you do all you do. Take care, my friend, it's time to smell the roses. Balisha

  3. I cut back on my gardens...they were taking over I can enjoy them...

  4. I love the bones of your gardens. Hike up those boots, put on those gloves and go for it!

  5. Our yard work looks comparable. I've done a little, but am no way done.
    I thought that looked like deer droppings. They left surprises for me near our hedges that they ate so much of they may have to be cut down. Little did Sean know he had visitors so close by!

  6. I'm your newest follower! So glad you linked up to Cottage Flora Thursday's! I find that rock wall of your so so so sweet! Don't worry about the work you have ahead of you...looks like your garden is just starting to wake up? Day by Day, Bit by section at a time & enjoy! oxox, tracie


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