Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baking, Sewing, Online Shopping--That's My Evening

Big outlet reduction at my favorite clothing store (C*old*wat*er C*r*eek)--up to 85% off. I picked up just a couple of items...

another jean jacket - love the vintage lace on this one...also LOVE the big mark down - was $129.99, now $29.99!

This lightweight white cut out detailed shirt will be great for this summer.  I've had this one in my shopping cart for three weeks, just waiting until the price came down. Tonight I decided it was about as low as it was going to get and placed the order.  If I wait for it to go any lower, my size will probably sell out....it's like a game...sometimes I make out like a bandit; other times I lose the item by waiting.  I also found a code for free S/H - AFLC201 - in case anybody wants to use it. It just worked at 6:30 p.m., but I expect it to expire very soon.

I have not been doing much of interest the past few days.  It's been snowing - terrible roads when I went to work this morning. 
Last week I  finished the first nutcracker block. I have started another one.

 I am also putzing around with some  hearts. I have not sewn anything tonight because I am just not in the mood.  I did bake some little cakes, using a couple of pans I rarely use--hearts and mini bundts.
They match the heart blocks! 


  1. cute jacket..great price too...love your heart cakes....

  2. I see that you have also been getting some great sales:-) I just adore your new jacket, the vintage lace down the front is gorgeous.

    Look at that, you can even make a nutcracker block...you're good, I'm telling you!! lol Can't wait to see what you do with the heart blocks.

    Your desserts look so delicious, wish you could email me one! lol xoxo

  3. That jean jackaet is adorable and the blouse ain't bad either!
    MY poor sewing machine things it's been deserted, but quilting is taking all my time up.
    Your nut cracker is adorable.

  4. As usual you have been busy. You are a whirlwind:)
    I love, love that white blouse. It's worth what you paid!
    The cakes look so pretty and yummy.
    As for that nutcracker block..what can I say, only you Zoey!! I couldn't make that if I tried. Unless you were right next to me instructing every little step..maybe then:)

  5. Zoey I love hearing about your on-line shopping adventures. Great bargains you are getting.
    Your mini cakes look delish!

  6. Zoey, you are an inspiration to me, all the things you accomplish!

  7. Thanks, Deb.

    Pea, I have been searching the net for table runner ideas for those heart blocks--I now have six done and don't know what I am going to do with them.

    OBQ - so is that a problem?... sewing taking up all of our time...LOL. I do know what you mean. We can get lost in our sewing projects.

    Betty, I wish you lived near by. I would teach you how to do it and you would be amazed how easy it really is!

    Thanks, M-F. I hope they turn out to be bargains. I have not been happy with my last few purchases from CC--mostly jewelry--cheaply made and falls apart easily.

    I could never accomplish a rockery like you have!!!!


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