Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spirea Snowmound, a Special Rock and some Allium Molly

I planted this Spirea Snowmound in 1988--a tiny little gallon container shrub.

Whoa! It's not tiny anymore!
It needs a good pruning. I prune it every year and will do it this year as soon as the blooms fade.

Did anyone notice this aqua painted rock in the big arbor garden?
It was given to DH over 20 years ago by his friend who was painting rocks during his alcohol addiction recovery. At that time it was red and had a nice flower on it and was signed by the now-alcohol-free artist. Over the years the original artwork has faded and I've repainted it a few times. I really like this rock.

I've got a lot of this yellow-flowered Allium Molly blooming right now. Last year I moved a lot of the tiny bulbs to the woodland path area.

I like the delicate flowers. I've been giving Breck's a bit of bad publicity lately, but this is one purchase that has given me way more than I expected. The bulbs just keep multiplying.
I can't even remember how long ago I purchased them.

Pea asked if I would be able to get a refund of the items I purchased this year that were duds. Yes, I will. Breck's is VERY good about that. At this stage of my gardening life, I am more concerned with getting quality products. I HATE TO RETURN ITEMS (like at stores) AND I HATE IT EVEN MORE TO HAVE TO REQUEST REFUNDS FROM ONLINE ORDERS. It takes a lot of effort to write a letter or an email -I have to look up the order number, the item number, etc., etc. -- it's a waste my free time--I expect to get what I ordered and I expect it to be what was advertised. If those two requirements are met, I am happy.

I often mention how I now order all my clothes on line. I've been doing it for a couple of years . I order quite often - more than once a month. I have never returned a single item. I have not loved everything I received, but I've always decided I like it enough to keep it rather than to go through the hassle of returning it.

I am, however, big on principles. So I will probably end up requesting a replacement/refund for the dud items because it is just not right to send dahlia tubers that are dead and Elephant ears that are so tiny it will take years before they even resemble the advertisement.

What would you do?


  1. The gardens are looking beautiful. Atlanta is having such very hot weather that the flowers are not happy.

  2. Gardeners keep Brecks in business. I something just call the customer service with the order form in hand and take care of something that way.
    Why would you be calling if you were not being truthful? I've had a lawn ornament break and they sent me an entire new one without having to replace the old one to them. Calling is easier.

  3. That's sometimes call-getting late here.

  4. I would request a replacement or refund as well. You should get what you pay for and I'm sure they want to keep you as a customer..or they should!
    Zoey..your garden is shaping up really have done so much work too.


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