Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Been a While

My time has been consumed with getting the piecing of this quilt top finished. It consists of 196 3-inch pieces, which took a lot longer than I anticipated and I cannot find the words to convey my level of happiness to be finished with the piecing!

I tossed it over the table to see how it looked with my Valentine flowers.

In between sewing bouts, I read blogs, where through the wonder of the Internet, I learned a new skill.

Not in a million years would I have thought that I would be surfing the recent updates to quilting blogs and learn how to do this...

Yes, I learned how to fold the dangling end of my TP into this lovely little fan. What fun! Now that is worthy of a Domestic Goddess label! :)I can't wait to have company over so I can test out their reaction. . . LOL. I can just hear my burly brother-in-law if he should be lucky guest number 1 (because it's only good for the first person in and then it's gone).

You can learn how to do this, too. Just visit this post at Spun Sugar Qults.

One afternoon I streamlined my morning jewelry hunt. I was storing all my costume jewelry in the little boxes they came in. The trouble was that I had to open them all to find out what was inside. That wasn't so bad when I only had a few. But as you can see I have amassed quite a collection in the past two years.

I did not even remember what I had. Now they are all out of the boxes and into clear bags so I can tell at a glance what there.

Now that I have finished the quilt, I hope to be a better blogger.


  1. Awesome log cabin quilt under all those jewerly boxes.
    You're a lucky lady to get flowers. They are less calories than the candy I got. But I love my chocolates!!!

  2. Beautiful - absolutely lovely !

  3. Ok, now I'm anxious to go get my roll of toilet paper and making that fan at the end of it!! lol How awesome is that. Next time I'm staying at a hotel, I'm going to do that and make the cleaning lady wonder at it!! hehe

    Love the pinks and browns in your latest quilt top, it's gorgeous.

    Good idea about putting your jewelry in clear bags, no doubt it was a pain always having to open every box to see what was inside!! xoxo

  4. Your quilt is lovely and goes well with your pretty flowers.
    I had to look twice at the TP. My guys would destroy that in no time.
    I do have most of my thin necklaces on a board I made. I need to go through the thick ones as I can't close my jewelry armoire too well.

  5. It's been awhile for me too..we were off to 'look for summer' and find it we did although it took us to the southern tip of Texas and even there it wasn't always warm. It's good to be back!
    I see you've been busy Zoey with pretty and I love how you did up the strawberries and what is this about injecting cupcakes?? What's coming next?? lol

  6. Oh yeah and the fancy TP design..they do that in some hotels and I always chuckle thinking..only good for the first one to the bathroom!! lol

  7. it is absolutely scrumptious!!!


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