Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ah, the lavender is blooming and it's so pretty right now.
Because I like to see more than close ups of what's blooming, I will assume you do, too. Here's a bigger view of this area. The lavender sits right at the front of this garden. There is a second patch of it further back on the left.

I will have to remember to use some lavender in a flower bouquet this weekend.


  1. I like that patch of plant died and I was told it was hardy..go figure!!
    I also need to get some tiger lilies..I see them growing wild in the ditches and I think it's time I have them in my garden.

  2. I love lavender too, but it doesn't love my dirt! I do have one plant right now, so hope it stays. You definitely should dry some.I love it's clean, sweet fragrance.

  3. Hi Betty,
    Those orange lilies are not the tiger lilies that grow in the ditches. I do have tons of those, but these are the lilies that grow from bulbs.

    I have had pretty good luck with lavender. This was a teeny tiny little Walmart plant just a few years ago--one of those little 4-inch pots. Every now and then something actually performs well in my horrible conditions! LOL

  4. Hi Dianne,
    You must have been posting the same time I was trying to log in to get mine posted. I always forget to dry some. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. That lavendar makes your undies drawer smell REAL good.

  6. LOL,Patti. I will try to remember that. :)

  7. Zoey, that second photo has it all....real calendar material. It's so beautiful, and all that lavender must be 'delicious'.

  8. Your garden is looking glorious, Zoey. Lavender does well for you! I've planted it again this year (for perhaps the 3rd time), hoping that it will winter over this time. I just haven't found the right location before, apparently. Fingers crossed this time.
    We're having yet another rainy day (bah humbug), but yesterday the sun shone beautifully and gave us a little taste of what summer is supposed to feel like.
    I like those work containers. You did a great job putting them together. Hope the cannas bloom soon.

  9. Lavender is one of the plants that does very well in my rock garden. It's hot and dry and I think they like it!

  10. ugh. I tried to start lavender from seed... it was a miserable failure. so I am very jealous : )
    Its so pretty


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