Friday, January 25, 2008

Handmade items in my Living Room

Last summer DH came home with this little table thinking I may have a use for it on the deck. He knows that I get a kick out of finding a use for other people's junk.

I didn't have a use for it at the time, so I stuck it in the basement. I forgot about it until I was rummaging around down there trying to find something to hold my magazine basket.'s pretty beat up....but I took it upstairs anyway.

I covered it with this beautiful crocheted tablecloth my mother made.

Then I covered most of that with this wool table runner. The wool was made from sheep on my sister-in-law's farm.
Then I added another layer with one of my recent pink/black table runner projects.

Here it is now layered in handmade cloths (made by three different people's hands). I think it works just fine.

This evening I was puttering around with the pink/black star blocks that I was going to make pillows out of. I stuck them on the back to see if I may want to make a quilted throw instead (click on it to get a size you can see).

I am still not sure. I think the white background may be a little harsh...too bad I didn't use a very pale yellow. I will leave them there until morning when I can look with fresh eyes.

While cleaning out one of the china cabinets last week, I came across this wooden clock my father-in-law made.
Look at all those intricate saw cuts! We treasure it because my FIL had a few strokes and can no longer do such work. He used to be down in the basement working with wood all the time. He even made me a full-sized quilting frame--the kind women used in the 1800's.

Here is another handmade item I remembered while reading Dianne's blog. She mentioned Barbie dolls. This is my childhood Barbie. She resides in the china cabinet in the living room.
She is wearing a wedding dress that I made for her. I love this doll!

While doing this post, I realized that I have quite a few handmade items in my home. So I changed the title of this post from the original "Garage Sale Table".

Do you find it difficult to come up with inspiring titles? After over 1400 posts, I think I have about run out of titles!
Take care,


  1. The table's pretty cool and the 1400 posts are astounding, Zoey.

    But seeing your childhood Barbie in a dress you made for her was the sweetest part!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. So much family craftiness! I had a longer comment but blogger ate it! Love how everything looks! The quilt throws look pretty on the flowery sofas. My brother and wife have similar sofas.
    Great idea with the table layering and each layer is so special.
    And I didn't have a Barbie with this kind of head, but from the late 60s. The gown you made is very pretty.

  3. DH means Husband? I like people, which bring me a table, but I do not know such people! ;-)


  4. Love the way you embellished the table.
    Oh and the Barbie is a treasure! I have all mine too but I must find a way to display my favorite!

  5. I am liking it all...the table, the tablecloth, the table runners, and esp the wedding gown you made for your Barbie doll.
    I think it's wonderful to keep old things and display them or use them.
    Your titles are just fine just name 'em as you see 'em!!


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