Sunday, December 12, 2004

I have not bought one Christmas gift yet--not a single present. I probably should drag myself out shopping today. Yesterday I baked some cookies--chocolate thumprints filled with caramel. I made 4 dozen, which took about two hours. Last night my husband accidentally knocked them over and spilled every one onto the floor. Now I have no cookies as he threw every one in the garbage. There is no way he would eat anything that touched the floor. I am feeling just a tad discouraged.

I am also discouraged because NOBODY is reading my blog! How do you get readers????


  1. "How do you get readers????"

    You stick around long enough and they wander in. Found you via Mia the Nature Nut. I think...

    I've got more presence here than on blogger. The blogger stuff is old.

  2. That's the way I feel right now too to the blogging, but keeping my fingers crossed that people will click on my "Taracotta" name and leave some comments in my blog from reading others....I see though from reading to present on yours that you have a few great followers that post regularly to your pics etc...Take care


  3. Just keep plugging away, taracotta, and eventually they do come!


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