Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Few Deck Containers are Beginning to Bloom & Sedumn Autumn Joy is Looking Good

I have a lot less containers on the deck this year. I like having less.  My plan is to gradually work my way down to just six half whiskey barrels that stay out all winter.  I am no where near that minimalistic goal. It will take years.

I separated  two barrels of liatris last fall.  Some of them are just beginning to bloom.  These are perennial and stay in their half-whiskey-barrel containers out on the deck all year long.  It doesn't get much easier than that!

I never had much luck growing Liatris in the ground.  I was thrilled when I discovered they liked living in the whiskey barrels.

Many of my yellow calla lilies have huge blooms this year. It seems like they are  blooming later  (which, if true, is understandable due to the very cold spring & I brought them out two weeks later than usual).

In the front yard, I filled the border near the front porch with Sedum Autumn Joy last year and am thrilled that it is just about completely filled in so that you do not see individual plants--just a mass of Sedum.  That was my plan from the beginning . Once planted, Sedum Autumn Joy demands little attention--no watering, no fertilizer...nada....nada...nada!
I may have to divide it every three years, but that's  about it. It should look good all year long with no effort from me. I love the light green color with the darker green shrubs. 

This area will be completely pink in about three weeks.

I am not thrilled with the canna/calla combo under the window.

I like the foliage color combo, which I used to coordinate with the Ninebark 'Diablo' shrub, but the callas flopped over in the recent rain.  The Tropicana foliage should be much larger than it is.  If I do this next year, I will have to buy some green stakes for each calla. I suspect I will have to stake the Tropicanna lilies also --should they decide to bloom this year. At the moment it does not look like they will.  I hate staking because it is so ugly and it defeats my goal of less garden maintenance. I will probably be changing this planting next year.
The garage urns are still all foliage and I am really liking this one (the larger of the two identically-planted urns)
I will now start cutting back any further growth from the licorice plant and the ipomea. I don't want the whole urn to be covered.
Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. This has been a really good year for your gardens Zoey. Everything really looks great. I love your containers. I am neglectful on containers so tend to not do many and definitely nothing like you do. I like that front area but maybe the cannas are not getting enough sun there. It's a small area too. Have you thought about Heuchera there? Just a thought.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Hello! I must say you are the queen of "wonderful urns" they are always spectacular , maybe one day you can give a DIY of how to plant and care them ! You have a wonderful garden. besos. Lilián.-

  3. Your Sedum is beautiful, pink will be even better. I have some, but my patch isn't near that big!

  4. Minimizing your garden = more time to enjoy it! I love those yellow cannas..I really must get some.

  5. I like your urn too! The callas are pretty, and your deck is very attractively decorated. Your gardens and containers are just stunning!

  6. I think everything looks pretty, especially the urn. Sedum is a very nice plant and I should use more of it too.


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