Saturday, July 27, 2013

Spontaneous Garden Remake

I went outside at 7:30 a.m. to do "about an hour" of tidying up.  I thought I was just about done when I filled this wheelbarrow
I thought I would dump it, put my tools away and go inside.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, will not be surprised when I say that did not happen.

I took a quick stroll through the paths admiring this lavender and beebalm combo as well as
some red daylilies that had just begun to bloom. 

I have a lot of these red daylilies.

I  decided to remove a couple of huge plants, divide them and replant them in a small garden out near the road. Luckily DH was up to provide some muscle power.  It is amazing how heavy one big plant is!

 I have spent the past two years getting rid of just about everything in these two roadside gardens. 

I am making a last ditch effort to find something (in addition to the Alberta Spruce and one nice clump of daisies) that wants to call this area home.  If the daylilies don't like it here, then the area is going back to grass.

After a short break for lunch, I finished the area.

It looks pretty decent right now--much better than the before picture.There are a few yellow daylilies in here, too. They have already finished blooming.  We shall see if everything comes back and blooms next year. 

I plan to do the other garden with the same combination of flowers.  I may start that one tomorrow.

Some new readers may be aghast that I moved these just as they started to bloom.  I know it's not the proper time, but I never pay attention to the rules.  I move daylilies anytime I feel like it and they usually survive. 

I am off now to a parade of Harley Davidson motorcycles -- about 1,000 of them.  Our town is the host for the Michigan State HOG (Harley Owners Group) Rally. I am even wearing my official HOG Rally t-shirt. :) 


  1. Oh that HOG shirt is so dang cute!

    I bet you spent a LOT more then an hour outside. Inf act I'm surprised you made it to the rally1

  2. I am like you, have the habit of moving things when the notion strikes and I feel like it. Daylilies survive anything. The area does look nicer filled in. Should be lovely next year.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. Gotta love flowers that survive anything!

  3. I love your ever changing gardens...Have fun with the HOGS...cute t-shirt

    1. I had a wonderful time with the HOGS. Such a great group of people. I was sad to go into work yesterday and see that most of them had left.

  4. It looks great...I don't follow the rules either and it still works out.
    Do you find you want to only spend an hour and soon 3 hours has passed?
    I try to pace myself but it happens all the time.
    Love your gardens.

    1. Yes, Earlene, that happens to me ALL THE TIME, too! I guess that means we still enjoy gardening.

  5. Have a blast!!! Your garden and your methods are awesome!!! Great work on those beds!!!

  6. Awesome I hope the weather behaves for you!. very cool T shirt.
    I have found myself doing total redesigns in my garden this year too... maybe its something in the water!
    Have a wonderful time and come see me over at


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