Wednesday, July 24, 2013

With Foliage Like This, Who Needs Flowers?

For me 2013 is the year of the foliage containers. I have little time this year to deadhead flowers, so I went with plants that do not need much attention.  Hubby waters them daily and I sit and enjoy them when I get home from work. Not a bad deal at all! :)

Look how colorful this container is without a single flower!

Unfortunately I just noticed that some bugs are making holes in everything--I hate that!
I have used a lot of coleus this year. .
This nearly 100% lime green hanging basket is flanked by two more colorful baskets on each side.
I have used 'fireworks' grass in a few of my containers for the past two years. 

I am not happy with this grass.  I love the striped pink/green color, but it stays very small.  I think I will go back to Purple Fountain Grass next year.

You may have noticed a few yellow flowers down the sidewalk in the pic above. 

Last year I made a note to remove everything from my under the front-window garden and plant callas and Tropicannas in there in 2013.  DH and I spent a few hours one morning removing everything and I replanted with yellow callas and Tropicannas. I expected at least a dozen yellow calla blooms.
So far I only have a few and the Tropicanna leaves are not nearly as large as I expected them to be in late July.  I am sure it is due the very cold spring weather we had.  Even so I still like this area. Speaking of cold, it is 45 degrees right now (6:30 am). It may be a record low for this date. After the HOT HUMID weather we had a week ago, I am not complaining!
This planter has the still unidentified dark purple/black leathery foliage plant. I am liking this combo and will show you more when the Tropicanna blooms.

This is another of my favorite combos this year--you may remember in late spring I dug up that Heuchera from the garden to use here. 
I have also dug up some toad lilies from the garden to use in a few planters (the dark green foliage).  I wanted them in a place where their tiny exotic flowers could be appreciated.  I can't wait to show you those when they all bloom.
Gotta get to work now.  We have a huge convention group arriving at the hotel today--the largest group we have ever had in our small town.  It should be fun!
Have a great hump day!


  1. Oh your Coleus are beautiful. They have always been one of my favorite flowers.

  2. those colors are gorgeous. What a pretty combination you have.

  3. Everything looks great, Zoey. You're right-who needs flowers with foliage like that? Those yellow lilies are beautiful, too. Looks like you have been enjoying your gardening this summer. xo Diana

  4. Your containers are always so beautiful. I have really gotten into the foliage plants more and more. I won't do the annuals though. Just gets too expensive but they sure are lovely. Your combinations are always great choices.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Thanks for the nice comments. I started to love coleus a few years ago when they came out with incredible new colors. Each year they seem to come out with better ones.

  6. Such gorgeous photos of your foliage, Zoey! You really do have a 'green thumb'..make that two:)

  7. Maybe I'm breaching some protocol - like asking for a private recipe or something - but if I'm not would you consider revealing the names of the plants in the top photo (of Jul24,2013). It's a beautiful arrangement. Thx.

    1. Hi James,
      I will post about these containers again when something blooms. Stay tuned and I will give the plant names. I may have already done so when I put them out in early June.


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