Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vintage Thanksgiving Ads

I love advertising from bygone eras.   

 These beer ads capture the pink and grey color trend in the early 1950's.

Notice how formally dressed everyone is. Do any of the men at your Thanksgiving table wear a suit and tie? 

Another example of the popularity of the color pink.

This ad is more modern (1960's probably).  Dad still wears his tie!

How about this yummy salad for the day after?
When I first saw this, I thought YUCK!  But after careful examination, it is probably cranberry gelatin with fruit as the outer layer for a turkey salad filling.  What goes better with turkey than cranberries?  It might just be delicious.

The most shocking ad of all is this one from the 1930's advocating a Camel cigarette be smoked between each course do help digest the meal!

FOOD EDITOR — Miss Dorothy Malone says: “It’s smart to have Camels on the table. My own personal experience is that smoking Camels with my meals and afterwards builds up a sense of digestive well-being.”
THE BEST MEAL I ever ate would be a disappointment if I coldn’t enjoy Camels,” says William H. Ferguson, salesman. “I smoke Camels as an aid to digestion. There’s nothing like Camel’s to set you right.”

picture source-- click to read the full ad

Old Gold got into the turkey day action, proclaiming at the end of this ad, "You'll thank the day you bought your first carton."
I hope you enjoyed seeing Thanksgiving from bygone eras as you begin to think about your own holiday meal.


  1. Loved this post. Personally, I'm a bit torn by some of the images. I loved the formal dinners...but also like that it's a bit more laid back. Of course, back in that time, you didn't read stories about people being crushed to death by throngs of crazed shoppers on Black Friday---and thanks to WALMART-BAH--I guess it will be Thanksgiving day now. So so sad.....

  2. Love those photos my things have changed haven't they!

  3. We had a pink and aqua kitchen in the 50's. When we moved into another house later on...that kitchen was in the same colors. When I was in high school in the
    50's guys wore pink shirts and charcoal pants.Very popular colors back then.
    Camels for digestion?? Never did understand that, but the ads even had Doctors smoking.So glad that smoking is dwindling now.

  4. LOVE these old pictures/ads. Nope- no suits and ties at this table-although no one wears jeans or hats!;>) Now...send me some Camels and I'll be good to go for our early Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night- xo Diana

  5. Neat old ads. I do have to laugh at the cigarette slogan though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  6. loved seeing the old photos.. yes things have changed , as they always must..
    I'll sit beside Nanna Diana and we'll share the Camels:)

  7. What fun to show all of these vintage ads! The jello ad made me laugh... one of my favorite jello recipes is from a vintage recipe book, probably from the same era as the ad!

  8. Thanks for sharing,I love those old ads.
    Just as no one dresses for dinner anymore, neither do they for church. It's really bad what some people wear!
    Speaking of thanksgiving, I looked today for the Jello brand pumpkin pudding. My daughter found it in Oklahoma and made no bake cookies with it. She said they were awesome, all I could find was gingerbread.

    11/10 8:19 Pm and it's 70 degrees now. CRAZY

  9. There is something special about those vintage photos! Reminds me of Thanksgiving at my grandparents...they were always well dressed with cocktails at 4 and homemade pies that would knock your socks off! Great memories!

  10. Zooey, my main bathroom is pink and gray..still! Can't say I love it but that was the color scheme when this house was built in the 1950s. Now I can call it mid-century.

    The cigarette ads...ohmigosh!

  11. Gotta love these old ads for sure:-) I had to laugh at the cigarette one,, how times have changed! lol I had noticed before in old ads how the men were always in suits. Nowadays we're lucky if our men change from their jeans into good pants for a holiday meal! lol xoxo

  12. I loved seeing these old ads. They brought back a lot of memories. I remember the pink and gray living and dining room back in the 50's. We always had big Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and a little Mogan David Red wine.

  13. Oh I do love those vintage ads, except for the cigarette ones! They are plain nasty. I watched a few episodes of 'Man Men' which deals with advertising in the 1950s, same kind of stuff about cigarettes.
    My in-laws have pink and gray wallpaper in their one bathroom-it has poodles on it and they moved in there in 1956.


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