Sunday, November 18, 2012

One flower Brightens my Day

Last Friday I got this big bold Gerbera daisy bouquet from one of my work customers. She has a group of people who come monthly for a banquet luncheon meeting.
Attached was this sweet little card:

What a pleasant surprise.

I added the flower to this bowl of fall gourds.
Every time I walk by, I smile.

Later today I need to get outside and bury these perennial pots in the ground next to the foundation. 
The first two are Crocosmia.

The last time I tried to grow them, they died out during the winter. It will be a lot warmer next to the foundation, so I am hoping they will survive and maybe even look like the ad next year.  I have had very good luck overwintering  ligularia (the third container) here. 


  1. I love the little Gebera Daisies. They have such bright colors and are so cheery during the season. Very nice card.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Love Herbert daiseys that look great with the gourds

  3. Good luck overwintering those plants, Zoey. I hope they make it. Love that big is so beautiful surrounded by your gourds- xo Diana

  4. Hi Zoey, I've just been playing catch up on your blog. Love the gerbera daisies, wish we could grow them like that. What a sweet note, too. So, the Haan steamer works, that's great to know. Someday I will clean this old hut with gusto (who knows when!) and a tool like that would be handy to have.

    I also love the quilted Christmas skirt and the pasties, nothing says Michigan like those. And the rustic decorating is really cool.....I wish I had a whole bunch of huge pine cones around here. So good to stop in for a visit with you, Zoey!

  5. How pretty is that Gebera and what a sweet sentiment.
    I hope your flowers survive too.
    I put a few things on the stone back patio and I noticed they were still kicking this late in the season. Maybe the warmth from the stone helped.


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