Monday, September 17, 2012

Tree Frogs must have an Internal GPS system

While cleaning up the deck, I threw away a wicker table that had seen better days. I had a bird house planter  on that table. When I removed it, there was a big tree frog living underneath. I gently kicked him off the deck into a flower garden area.

A bit later, I brought out some pillows and other thing to spiff up the area.

I used a double decker birdhouse as a centerpiece on the table. Right after I decorated my new table area, I went outside and found the tree frog right back in the same area where his original home was.  The table I tossed out was replaced by a chair.  The tree frog was sitting in the sun on the arm of the chair.

As you can see the handsome fella left a little gift of froggy doo-doo.  YUCK.   I went inside to get something and when I came back out, he was on top of the mat I had just put on the table! I think he saw the double decker bird house and thought it would make a nice new home.

Whatever the reason, I do not want him on the area where I plan to eat dinner.
I don't think that is an unreasonable thought, do you?  I gave him a little nudge to turn him back around, hoping he would jump off the table.
I had to gently push him to the deck floor and then ever so gently  off the deck (4 ft drop, but he always lands in the flowers, hanging on to a stem, so it's not a harsh landing. Five minutes later I walked around to the area where I had knocked him to and found he had already climbed all the way back up! Do you see him on the left side?
Unbelievable! I ran back up the stairs to find him just a few feet from his original home.
"Stupid frog. Get out of here!" I yelled as I gently knocked him back down.

Five times I did this and five times he returned to the exact same spot.  I guess I will just  have to learn to share my deck with him.  As DH said, after five times, he deserves to be left alone. I think most of you will understand why I insisted on eating dinner inside!


  1. F-R-O-G-S, I can't look any longer, see ya maybe tomorrow! LOL

  2. Ok can you put his original house somewhere on the floor of the deck? I think maybe he'd go there instead if he sees it, especially if you put him there next time you see him. :)

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. I think you have a new pet! I think he's cute. Make him a little froggie house out of an over turned clay flower pot.

  4. That is one persistent frog, and handsome. He OWNS your deck! I did get a kick out of this post : )

    And I love the sweet colchicums in your earlier post. MIne are hidden under things and too far away to see. You've placed yours nicely and I loved seeing how pretty they are here.

  5. You have me chuckling! That little fella is persistent:)

  6. that is so Mom was just telling me a few minutes ago that she was sitting out on her back porch drinking coffee..she saw something move in the grass...she looked down...and a frog had hopped just stood there looking at her...she said maybe she should of kissed could have been her prince
    love your table...the colors are so nice...

  7. Frogs eat bugs and that's a good thing. Consider him as your own personal pest control and just remember to wipe down that table when you eat :)

  8. LOL now that is a persistent frog all right!! Seems like there's no way you're going to be rid of him so better learn how to share the space! lol Don't blame you for not wanting to eat there, though, with the "gifts" he leaves behind!

    It sure felt like Fall today with the very cold temperatures and rain. Had to actually turn the furnace on, it got so cold in the house. I was looking at the extended forecast for the rest of the week and it's going to stay cool and wet. We even had frost while we were away and some of my flowers and veggies froze.

    I don't mind the cooler days but I want the sunshine back! lol xoxo

  9. He's such a cute frog, maybe you can build him a nice little spot on the patio, and he will repay you with lovely frog tunes.

  10. Get a toad home, paint it a bright color, stick it in the corner of the deck. You are trying to evict him from some PRIME froggy real estate. At night, when you have the lights on, he has the best table at the best restaurant in all of frogdom.

    Any sort of raised space that stays free of drips will be a good space for him. He might not be comfortable under a pot that gets regular water, but a box that is raised on bricks or, as some one has suggested, a pot with the rim broken to make a 'door' will be ideal hidies for him. Make him happy and he will give you a break!

  11. I have gecko lizards here in Phoenix. When I leave my kitchen light on, they climb into the space between the screen and the window to catch the bugs that also go there.

    It's like theater!

  12. Hi zoey
    I laughed through this one! I've been having my own issues with tree frogs her at

    They sure do get themselves in funny places!

  13. He is quite large! Enjoyed your post!


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