Monday, September 3, 2012

Hummingbird on Buddelia & Vintage Teapot with Cosy made in England

After I labored for 8.5 hours at my paying job today, I came home and relaxed while sipping a cold beverage on the deck.  Within minutes I got a good shot of the hummingbird that visits my buddelia bush every day.
Since there is no red on the neck, the hummingbird is a she.  I really wish the male would  come around as I have never snapped a clear pic of a male hummer.  They are rarer than me being off on Labor Day. :)
Isn't this the sweetest little teapot?
 It has its own metal cosy (English spelling since it's made in England). The color is off in this pic. It is really more like the pic below with the cozy removed.
My mom gave me this Saturday.  She was cleaning and just wanted to be rid of it.  I was happy to bring it home to sit on this shelf in my family room.  It is cracked along the bottom, so it won't hold water. Still I enjoy looking at it on my shelf.

I moved a pot of Fireking Croscosmia to one of my whiskey barrels.  I like it with the lighter orange Tropicanna blooms.

The flowers are very tiny. Here is a closeup:

I am hoping I can save them over the winter and get a better display next year.

We are having our second dinner of the farmer's market summer squash tonight.  My favorite way to cook the young squash is like this:

salt, pepper, browned in a bit of butter. YUM!


  1. Fantastic shot of the Hummingbird. I haven't noticed any this year. Like your teapot.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. My gosh, Zoey~ What AMAZING photos! I just love that shot of the hummer and your flower photos are beautiful. You cook summer squash the way I do- that is how we love it, too. xo Diana

  3. that is a great shot of the hummer..your flowers are so pretty...I love squash...

  4. Love the photo of the hummingbird!

  5. That is a beautiful shot of your little lady visitor! Wow!
    Your flower combo is lovely as is the tea cosy.

  6. Hello dear Zoey:-)

    Remember me??? My gosh, I've been away from blogging much too long but now I'm back!! I've sure missed all of you.

    What a perfect shot you got of that female hummingbird! They're still hanging around here as well:-)

    That little teapot is just adorable, I don't blame you for taking it when your mom offered it! Love the colour of it as well.

    Your flowers are, as usual, gorgeous! I pretty much only have Black Eyed Susans and Autumn Sedum in bloom right now, the rest is all done with. Considering what a dry and hot summer it was, everything did great but then I was watering by hand almost every day! lol

    I fry zucchini the same way you fry the squash, so delicious, isn't it!! xoxo

  7. Your pictures are beautiful!!! tonight.
    I've never been able to capture a hummingbird in flight.


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